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the competition comes to the glasses and the rings

Our colleagues from Xataka traveled these days to the headquarters of Amazon in Seattle to attend what has been a flood of news from the company . Echo Buds, Echo Frames, new versions of Echo speakers and even a ring with Alexa. The assistant wants to be everywhere.

This movement of integrating Alexa into objects such as rings and glasses in a gesture that seems to follow the path of Apple , which has long integrated Siri into AirPods and Apple Watch. The more comfortably we can use the voice assistant, the better.

the competition comes to the glasses and the rings
the competition comes to the glasses and the rings

The idea of the glasses and the ring achieves what we already have with the Apple Watch: having the assistant always with us because we have him integrated into a product that we will always or almost always wear. Something like glasses, for many people, represent an object from which they can never be separated . Amazon has already confirmed that they can be fitted with any glass prescribed by opticians.

In XatakaEcho Frames, first impressions: the world through the eyes (the glasses) of Amazon

About the glasses, let’s avoid confusion: are not augmented reality glasses like the ones that are circulating in the rumors of Apple’s future, but rather glasses that have Alexa built in through microphones and speakers and have small indicator lights on the top of the frame. No screens.

But that’s it now: the race to get the assistants into everything we always carry with us doesn’t stop . Apple will improve its AirPods, which already have competition from Amazon. It will also launch sooner or later its augmented reality glasses, which will undoubtedly be worn by Siri. As I always say, competition is the sea of health and will only bring new products and improvements in the assistants for those who use them daily.

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