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the company will change its numbering

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Here is something that is curious but that in the end denotes that Apple is growing even more than the company itself had anticipated in the past. The numbering of its invoices has reached its limit , so it is going to change from being only numeric to being alphanumeric in order to last longer.

the company will change its numbering
the company will change its numbering

That is, until now Apple numbered invoices with a ten-digit number, for example 7365489264. But soon we will get to invoice number 99999999, so the company is preparing to have the invoices identified with numbers like DF78564536. The first two characters will go from being able to cover the numbers 0 to 9 to being able to cover the whole alphabet as well.

Apple has already notified its major business partners and other important customers of the change, which is expected to take effect in the third week of 2019 . This warning has been filtered by the user jwildman16 from Reddit, which also explains that the exhaustion of the numerical figures means that Apple will have issued more than 10 billion invoices.

Now that the first two characters of each invoice code will become alphanumeric, the number of unique identifiers will increase to approximately 67.6 billion. It all depends on how much Apple grows from now on, but that number of invoices should give the company years of relief.

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