the colors in which these new AirPods would arrive

There are many rumors that we are about to see a new generation of AirPods that will be called AirPods Pro. This renewed accessory would come to solve the deficiencies that users find in second generation AirPods such as noise cancellation but also the design of these.

Apple bet on a conservative design in its AirPods 2 without including a new range of colors that many of us were demanding but in the end we would have it in the new generation according to a report in Chinese published by Economic Daily News.

the colors in which these new AirPods would arrive
the colors in which these new AirPods would arrive

In the translation of this document we have found that Apple could bet on 8 new colors although we believe that this would be too wide a range of colors and not real a priori. Among these new colors we would see the black and midnight green of the new iPhone 11 Pro.

Although we don’t expect many colors to be released at first, it is possible that over the years we will see new colors implemented as they have done with the Beats.

In addition to this new range of colours, Apple will also opt for active noise cancellation and water resistance. This will be ideal when travelling on public transport so that we are not disturbed by ambient noise or if we are exercising so that we don’t get spoilt by our own sweat.

Obviously this will lead to the price going up and may exceed the barrier of $200 base reaching according to some analysts up to $259 base , which will translate in Spain in almost 300 euros. Obviously, we must analyze if these AirPods 3 comply with what we paid, since they will be directly confronted with other high-end headphones that include noise cancellation.

All the rumours are that we’ll be seeing new Apple Wireless Headphones this 2019. Although we haven’t been invited to a presentation event by Apple yet, it’s possible that the online store will be closed this week and open with new products that we didn’t expect and will be presented with a press release.

In iOS 13.2 there is quite a bit of evidence of these new AirPods coming with a renewed design including small pads at their ends to give them a better grip.

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