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The code on the iOS 6.1 lock screen is vulnerable by following a few steps

iOS 6.1 receives its second club in a short time. Weeks after the jailbreak finally managed to sneak into the sixth iteration of Cupertino’s mobile operating system, we learned that it is possible through a series of steps to bypass the iPhone’s lock code, and thus access the Phone application and camera reel.

History is repeating itself, once again. And it’s not the first time that Cupertino’s people have come across users who are able to access other people’s phones by skipping the security code they have set on that terminal.

The code on the iOS 6.1 lock screen is vulnerable by following a few stepsThe code on the iOS 6.1 lock screen is vulnerable by following a few steps

Once again, it has been proven that iOS, although very safe, is not immune , and one user has been able to prove it. We don’t know if these holes will be present in other operating systems, but we have to get very bored to try the infinite possible combinations that allow us to bypass the security of the unlocking screen code.

The problem, which apparently only affects iOS 6.1 , you can reproduce it yourself by following these steps, as long as you have the security code active:

  1. Lock the device.
  2. Slide the Unlock slider.
  3. Press Emergency Call.
  4. Press and hold the off button until the off menu is displayed.
  5. Click on Cancel. Now you will see that the status bar turns blue instead of black.
  6. Call 911, and hang up before we get caught.
  7. Lock your iPhone again by pressing the Power Button, but when you turn it on, do so with the Home Button.
  8. Unlock it again by moving the slider, and now press the off button and the Emergency Call button simultaneously for three seconds.
  9. The phone will give a screenshot and we’ll stand in the Phone application, from which we won’t be able to leave to open other applications.

We will have to keep the off button pressed at all times while we want to gossip on someone else’s phone . Here you can access your contacts, calls, voice messages, and even camera film if you edit a contact’s photo in your phonebook; or send emails to share your contacts.

Apple will surely fix this problem in the next version of iOS , which will be renamed but we don’t know yet to which version exactly. This update will probably also bring the security hole that evasi0n takes advantage of to make jailbreak to our devices.

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