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The cheapest and most powerful iPhone with iOS 12

Según Tim Cook, solo a 2 de cada 100 usuarios no les gusta el iPhone X

Tanto si estáis pensando en cambiar de móvil, como si queréis hacerle un regalo a alguien especial, no esperéis más y haceros con este chollo cuanto antes, ya que podría no durar demasiado tiempo . Especialmente ahora que estamos a poco más de un mes de conocer los dispositivos que Apple está preparando para esta nueva generación, que tendrá un rango de precios mucho más amplio para todos aquellos que sí quieran tener la última tecnología que la compañía puede ofrecer.

The cheapest and most powerful iPhone with iOS 12
The cheapest and most powerful iPhone with iOS 12

Sometimes it is not necessary to have the latest technology to enjoy a good user experience. Apple products are the best examples of this, and now that the iOS 12 update is coming up, those with a compatible iPhone or iPad will be able to remember this as soon as they install the new version, which has been optimized to the maximum to take advantage of every piece of Cupertino product hardware.

With this new update, it makes much more sense to opt for models that, although not the most recent, have managed to gain a very good reputation in the community. For example, the iPhone SE, which at the time was presented as the alternative for all those who did not want big screens and preferred the design brought by the iPhone 5S. Now, this phone has become a perfect option for those who are thinking of switching to Apple without spending too much money.

So, you can find this phone with an incredible offer at For only 266 euros , and with free shipping for Prime customers, you will have an iPhone recognized for its good performance, and that will be compatible with the next update to iOS 12 when it arrives in September. offer

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