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The ‘cheap’ iPhone of 2018 will have aluminium and several colours according to Bloomberg

Las fechas que se barajan para el evento especial de Apple de este año.

New and interesting rumors about the next batch of iPhone in 2018 . Mark Gurman and Debby Wu give Bloomberg details of the three new handsets that will be available this September. This year, the company is internally referred to as an “S” cycle in reference to iPhone models with this surname. Let’s see what they’re about.

The ‘cheap’ iPhone of 2018 will have aluminium and several colours according to Bloomberg
The ‘cheap’ iPhone of 2018 will have aluminium and several colours according to Bloomberg

As we have seen in past rumors, the iPhone of 2018 is based on the design and philosophy of the iPhone X released last year. That is, a front panel formed by the screen almost completely, with a notch to host Face ID and dispense with Touch ID.

This year we will see three new models . The most affordable will have a 6.1 inch screen and LCD technology. Thanks to Gurman and Wu, we know that their sources ensure that it will have an aluminium edge instead of steel, while keeping the glass back.

The most affordable iPhone of this new generation will return to aluminum and glass, in various colors

We will see this device in several colors (blue, red and orange are shuffled between them) in a move that reminds us of the iPhone 5c , although it may keep the same color on the back in all of them. Of the other models, the colors are not known, so it is possible that they will remain unchanged.

Turning to the rumor of the dual SIM, both journalists say that this feature will be present in the two OLED models of iPhone 2018. Although its availability may be limited to some regions (i.e. China). As for the Plus model, we can expect new features in the 6.5-inch model.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, this device will enjoy greater software differentiation than its smaller siblings. Your users will be able to run two apps at the same time, such as Mail and Calendar. This would be a feature that already exists in some competing models and that Apple would apply here to make the extra space more useful.

All of this year’s iPhones will have Face ID, leaving the Home and Touch ID button forever

In the table above we have collected all the news of this new report to better understand the new information provided by Wu and Gurman. Bloomberg gives no clues this time about the prices of these models beyond a timid “wide range”, so we have incorporated the prices that are handled in other rumors.

As for the naming , specific details are unknown. Despite this, the surname “Plus” could have been ruled out in internal discussions. Apple still has to send the invitations to its keynote in order to know the day when we will be out of doubt.

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