the change in video games and Apple

The path of video games in the Apple world has not run parallel to other platforms such as Windows: developers were looking for a number of devices to implement in order to have more potential customers to attract, despite the fact that for many years, the Mac world has had fantastic computers to play on.

At the WWDC19, Apple for the first time allowed Xbox and PS4 controllers to run natively on all operating systems

the change in video games and Apple
the change in video games and Apple

Apple started to change its strategy since June last year, the WWDC19: for the first time, all the company’s operating systems started to be compatible with the controllers of the PS4 and the Xbox – closing the gap that could exist in the control of the video games and that could so much limit the developers. With Apple Arcade, they went one step further: a compendium of exclusive titles , original and stylish that were not far from the casual format but also from the big productions.

With the arrival of the apple to the homes, through various devices , every day it is more possible to have more options to play with the Apple products . But that’s not all: the future that the company proposes to creators can make it even more attractive.

In the video, Julio Cesar and I will tell you some personal experiences and how we use our Apple products to play. And looking towards the horizon , Julius will tell us how the company is technically preparing its products to take a big leap – which could not have been produced this way before.

Whether you are fans of the world of video games , or not, share with us this always interesting talk with Julio where we will learn many things and understand why we are on the verge of playing completely different on our Apple devices. Or anywhere thanks to streaming or the disconnected games of Arcade: have your controllers ready for the adventure at any time.

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