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The caloret of the summer cannot arrive without them: Catching Bargains

We haven’t even noticed and have gone from wearing two layers of clothes to establishing the ir-no-shirt regime for each house. A wave of African air that we didn’t expect has left us all literally sweating, but what we did plan on is the offers with which we are going to tempt you like every Friday.

And as always, we also remind you that from our section in mResell you can sell your computer or mobile device taking advantage of the possibility that someone in the Apple reader community is interested.

  • From Macníficos they offer us an Elgato EyeTV adapter with a 57% discount, for 42.99 euros, perfect for all those who want to watch TV from their iPhone or iPad.
  • Toca Lab is a perfect application for children to learn the periodic table of the elements. It has been reduced by 66% to 0.99 euros in the App Store.
  • Another TV tuner for iOS devices is the Hauppage myTV 2GO-m, especially for older terminals with a 30-pin pre-lightning connection. It is offered at FNAC for 39 euros.
  • Another game of the series Toca that is reduced to 0.99 euros: Toca Town. In it we will be able to move for a city and to interact with the characters to a style similar to that of Animal Crossing.
  • We return to Macníficos, because they have a 10% discount on all official Apple accessories. Good excuse to stock up on cables or new mice.
  • Fan of Cut the Rope? The second installment of the saga has been reduced to 0.99 euros for those who want to rediscover the adorable green monster that wants to eat all the candy.
  • A cover is not a cover if it is not armored. This LunaTik 4155 case for iPhone 5 is bulletproof and is available at Amazon for 27.23 euros.
  • It is not a too modern iPhone anymore, but it might be enough for those who do not want too much modernity: On PC Components they have an 8 GB iPhone 4S for 237 euro.
  • Watch out that this offer won’t last long: the popular Pinnacle Studio video editor can be yours for only 4.99 euros. For iPad only.
  • The SanDisk Connect Flash looks like any other flash drive, but it is actually a wireless flash storage unit that can be expanded with Micro SD cards. In Macs they offer the 32 GB version together with a 16 GB SD card for a final price of 59,99 Euro.
  • Duet Display allows to turn our iPad into a secondary monitor, and celebrates its arrival to Windows by lowering its application to 9.99 euros.
  • If you like trackpads but for some reason you are not enthusiastic about Apple’s, you can try this alternative from HP: the Z6500 Trackpad for only 29 euros from FNAC.
  • This one needs no introduction: Final Fantasy VI has been reduced to 7.99 euros in the App Store.
  • Macníficos continues with the global offers: all their Macs are at a 5% discount for those who are not students and want to enjoy a similar discount sometime.
  • Hard disks are also making room this week: Worten has a Western Digital 4 TB reduced to 299 euros.
  • Infinity Blade III, from the saga with which Apple always boasts in its keynotes, is still reduced to 2.99 euros.
  • Ryan Hyde

    TP-LINK AV200 – Kit de adaptadores de comunicación por línea eléctrica (WiFi, 300 MB

  • Another very famous application that momentarily lowers its price is Pixelmator, the photo editor that has best taken advantage of Apple’s platforms. For only 4.99 euros.
  • Be careful with this PLC adapter TP-LINK AV200, because it can solve the signal problems you may have at home. At Amazon they have it for 58.91 euros.
  • Small but tough: this pre-owned MacBook Air 11″ is available in mResell for ?799, with a Core i5 at 1.4GHz and an Apple warranty until the end of January 2016.
  • We ended up with this little gem that is Monument Valley. Not buying it at the reduced price of 0.99 euros is practically a crime.

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The caloret of the summer cannot arrive without them: Catching Bargains
The caloret of the summer cannot arrive without them: Catching Bargains

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