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The budget for Apple’s new offices is $5 billion

Apple’s budget for its future campus has skyrocketed from $3 billion to nearly $5 billion since 2011, according to a new report. That may be because of the need to manufacture very expensive, high-quality materials, all because of Steve Jobs’ obsession with doing things perfectly. Here are all the details of this new budget.

According to the latest news about the new offices that are being built in Cupertino for Apple, the budget that was originally going to be allocated to this building has increased by about 2 billion dollars . An impressive figure that leaves us speechless when we know that the budget is now up to 5 billion dollars.

The budget for Apple’s new offices is $5 billion
The budget for Apple’s new offices is $5 billion

A few weeks ago we were informed that the creation of this building may be delayed by up to a year, however, it seems that they do not want to do something in a hurry and of poor quality . The building that Norman Foster designed for Apple – under supervision and with Steve Jobs’ requirements – will certainly eclipse the $3.9 billion One World Trade Center in New York. However, Apple is considering reducing this budget by one billion dollars before starting construction.

Possibly this high price of construction is due to the – blessed – manias of Steve Jobs in making everything perfect. One example is the wood used, all the wooden interiors had to be taken from a specific maple species, and only the heartwood, the highest quality part in the middle of the trees, could be used.

Another important issue is the manufacturing of glass panels, no company has made panels as big as the ones they order from Cupertino for their campus, so they are facing a new challenge. According to the source next to the project, the building will have very powerful energy saving systems . For example, the windows will have a movement system so that they open and tilt sufficiently at all times to ensure that the temperature and light inside are optimal.

Without a doubt we are facing a very ambitious project that can offer us new forms of design and efficiency in houses and special buildings. Of course, coming from Apple, anything, however impossible, can become a reality.