The book that wanted to be an iPad Air

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Have you ever been tempted to zoom in on a magazine with your fingers? Have you ever slid the surface of the magazine with your fingers hoping to turn the page? You’re not alone. The ubiquity of mobile devices is turning the most basic usage trends upside down, and this is just the beginning. The so-called mobile first is a paradigm that could go beyond web design itself, and in fact, some have decided to turn the tables on it by creating a book with the iPad Air experience . And at least as a marketing idea, it seems brilliant.

The book that wanted to be an iPad Air
The book that wanted to be an iPad Air

Brian Solis is a marketing expert who has been curiously researching such hackneyed elements as the user experience, the interface and its relationship to design for quite some time. We don’t need to tell you at this point in the story that Apple is a master in these matters, and that’s why our protagonist focused on the sensations offered by his iPad Air , and decided to capture them in black on white in a book written and laid out following the format that one would find when turning on his tablet.

The peculiar work has been named X-THE EXPERIENCE WHEN BUSINESS MEETS DESIGN (which we could translate as “The experience when the business meets the design”), and it focuses on marketing or as we can read in Amazon’s descriptive, the sensations and experiences that users feel towards a certain brand. As you can see from the author’s own terminology to describe his work, is a iPadian vision of marketing .

But as you can guess, apart from the content, the real hook of this work lies in the format in which it has been written : layouting the text groups and grouping them as if the reader were in front of an iPad, and what is more interesting, replacing the texts as much as possible with icons or images, as you would see in an app. If you want to get rid of doubts and see what it feels like to read an iPad-book hybrid, Solis’ work is now available at Amazon.


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