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the book is no longer sold in the USA

Apple seems to have made a decision we didn’t expect: the book ‘Designed by Apple in California’ has been removed from the official US store. It appeared in November 2016 (yes, it’s been almost three years since it was launched), but it seems to have been out of stock for some time, as reported by 9to5Mac.

Interestingly, the book can still be purchased from Apple’s Spanish store for the same price of 199 or 299 euros depending on the size. And there is stock, because it is delivered at the latest on Thursday 29th August or tomorrow if we choose an express delivery. Why has it been withdrawn from the American store then?

the book is no longer sold in the USA
the book is no longer sold in the USA

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It may be that the book’s stock depends on different printers depending on where it is sold, or it may be that Apple has decided to withdraw the product after a single global edition and is doing so progressively. In any case the official website of the book is still active , and still invites us to buy the book even though its purchase form in the shop has disappeared.

It is one of those movements that leave us with more doubts than answers . It is to be expected that in the future Apple will put the book back on sale in the United States, or on the other hand withdraw it completely worldwide. Therefore, if you are a collector who plans to buy it, the best thing to do right now is not to entertain yourself.

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