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The biggest manufacturer of the A9 chip would be TSMC and not Samsung

Whether they like it or not, Cupertino’s boys always have a good number of rumors going around. This time, they’re focusing on the A9 chip, the next generation of their processor that will be part of the mobile devices they launch over the next year. Now, new data has come to light indicating that TSMC will be the company to which most of the production of this Apple component will fall.

Some time ago, rumours were circulating on the Internet that Apple would once again rely on Samsung to manufacture most of its A9 chips. Despite the differences between the two companies, the South Korean company has a technology for manufacturing processors that Tim Cook’s boys are very interested in .

The biggest manufacturer of the A9 chip would be TSMC and not Samsung
The biggest manufacturer of the A9 chip would be TSMC and not Samsung

On the other hand, we must remember that months ago Apple tried to disassociate itself as much as possible from Samsung so as not to depend on its main enemy in the market for the manufacture of various components that are part of devices such as the iPhone or iPad. And today the alarm bells are ringing again, as new reports indicate that they will finally entrust TSMC with this task .

TMC or Samsung?

Although we’re still a long way from seeing the first iOS devices carrying the A9 chip, there’s already been talk about who will be in charge of manufacturing Apple’s next generation. But a couple of new reports still doubt which one, Samsung or TSMC, will be in charge of manufacturing most of the A9 chips that will be part of the future iPhone that will see the light in September 2015.

According to sources in the processor manufacturing industry, Srini Sundarajan of Summit Research commented in a note sent to investors last Tuesday that he has heard that the current favourite to take over the majority of Apple’s chip production is Samsung . In that report, Sundarajan said Samsung is playing with an advantage based on early tests with the A9, but that doesn’t mean it has everything to gain.

On the other hand, believes that the processor manufacturer Global Foundries will also be involved in the manufacturing . However, he noted that there is interest in bringing the manufacture of the iPhone to the United States. Sundarajan’s claims would coincide with reports that Samsung will be the leading manufacturer of the A9 chip by 2015.

Chris Hung, director of the Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute, commented last weekend that TSMC is more likely to be Apple’s leading supplier of A9 chips. Even so, he said that Samsung is still prone to receive some advance orders for this processor, as Cupertino’s prefer to spread the risk to avoid supply problems that hinder the massive global deployment of its upcoming iPhones.

Apple is interested in Samsung’s 14 nanometer technology

Apple Insider reports that Samsung was producing A9 chips using its 14-nanometer FinFET technology . On the other hand, TSMC was said to be competing with its own 16 nanometer FinFET technology.

Before the launch of the new iPhone 6, Samsung manufactured all of Apple’s low-power ARM processors at its Austin factory , but from the 20 nanometer A8 chip included in these smartphones, there was talk that TSMC had taken on most of this task, although the exact amount is not known.

What we can say for sure is that Apple is very interested in the technology used by Samsung. Moreover, we must add that they have the necessary means to cover the great demand for processors that they will foreseeably order from the apple company.

And you, who do you think will produce the future A9 chip, TSMC or Samsung?