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The best wallpapers for our iDevices

Retina Wallpapers & HD Home Screen Backgrounds (Gratis)

¿Cómo cambiamos nuestro fondo de pantalla?

Os hemos enseñado muchos lugares donde descargar las imágenes que, serán nuestros futuros fondos de pantalla, pero ahora es turno de hacer el cambio . Sin duda, es una acción sencilla y muy intuitiva dentro del sistema operativo de los chicos de Cupertino pero que nosotros, aun así, explicamos por si algún usuario aún no ha llegado hasta aquí y también pueda hacer uso de esta opción.

The best wallpapers for our iDevices
The best wallpapers for our iDevices

Tanto si queremos cambiar el fondo de la pantalla de desbloqueo como nuestro fondo de pantalla principal, los pasos son los mismos. Primero, tendremos que ir a Ajustes y una vez dentro, buscamos y pulsamos la opción Brillo y fondo de pantalla .

Pictures to use as wallpaper are everywhere. But we, are going to show you different web pages and an application available in the App Store that contain an almost infinite amount of specific images for the devices of the Bite Apple company. Change the look of your iDevice and make it look different every day.

Wallpapers, without a doubt, are one of the most direct ways to give that personal touch to our devices . Searching, we can find millions and millions of images available that can serve us but, either the quality leaves much to be desired, or the resolution is not suitable for our device and we will have to dizzy cutting or adapting it to be perfect .

To avoid this and make the task of customizing our device much simpler we are going to show you different places where you can download photos designed exclusively for the devices of the company of the bitten apple . Exact resolution and maximum use of each pixel available on our screen that will make our iDevice shine.

Searching the web

First of all, what we are going to show you are web pages loaded with images that we can use as wallpaper on our devices . There are many pages dedicated to this but we bring you three that we have found spectacular.

For the current 4-inch iPhone, for the old 3.5-inch, for iPad and iPad mini. Without a doubt, there is an infinite variety of possibilities and for all our products.

We invite you to get lost in these places, it will be worth it. The quality and colorfulness that we will find here will delight those users who are more demanding with the quality of their wallpaper.

Searching the App Store

As it happens on the web, in the App Store there are an important number of applications that will provide us with images of all kinds. We’ve chosen this one, Retina Wallpapers & HD Screen Backgrounds .

With 100 high quality backgrounds recommended daily and a database of over 50,000 make this application a delight. Just login and browse comfortably, select your favorite image and download. Never before have you had so much variety available and easily accessible. Change the look of your device every day.

App Store

Within this menu we will have, on the one hand, the possibility to vary the brightness of our screen and, on the other hand – and what interests us – the possibility to make a change in our Wallpapers . By clicking on either of the two screens, a window will appear where we can choose any image we have downloaded to our device. Ready! Once the image has been chosen we will have our wallpaper changed . It’s that easy.

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