the best tools for backing up your iPhone data

If you are a user who likes to have a backup of your device locally on your computer or just looking for a way to transfer data in a comfortable way between a mobile and the computer, Dr.Fone should not be missing in your life. Sometimes iTunes on our Mac is very unintuitive when it comes to restoring or transferring files and that’s why we have to search the web for a way to fill this ‘gap’.

These days we have had the opportunity to test Dr.Fone and the truth is that we have been very surprised with the quality of the tools they offer . It is true that it is not a program to be used on a daily basis, but when a very specific situation arises it is always useful to have it at hand on the Mac.

the best tools for backing up your iPhone data
the best tools for backing up your iPhone data

As soon as we open it we find a very clean and simple design, presenting the different tools that we will have to download if we want to use them since by default, to avoid taking up too much space on the disk, come uninstalled, or you can buy them separately. Obviously, we must take into account that our iPhone or Android device must be connected to the PC or Mac to be able to perform these tasks.

There are 8 tools available, which we are going to describe below.


If you’ve accidentally deleted a file from your iPhone, you can always use this tool to recover data from your iOS computer or from an iCloud or iTunes backup. It’s really interesting that we can specifically select what kind of data we want to recover to avoid having too much duplicate data.


Whether you want to transfer data from your iPhone to your Mac or vice versa, Dr.Fone gives you the best of tools. It is very interesting that before doing this operation it analyses the stored contents to avoid duplication when transferring them. You can select the data you want to transfer and you can even choose to transfer only the photo library.


If you want to migrate from one mobile to another, and ndifferently from the operating system you can use this tool to be able to transfer your data quickly between the two mobiles. You will be able to select as in the previous case the files you want to transfer, something that is tremendously useful if you have several phones. Obviously in this case the program will ask us to connect both mobiles to the Mac or PC by voice.

Backup and Restoration

If you’ve just started your new phone and you have a backup of your old device’s data with Dr.Fone you can export this backup to your new device which is much more intuitive than with iTunes as you can select which data to export.


Has your cell phone got the bitten apple logo on it and it won’t come off? This software problem in iOS among others can be solved by this tool and most importantly, no personal information is deleted but the operating system is reinstalled. If this software problem is not solved in this way we will have to opt for a full restore.


Forgot your iPhone unlock code? With Dr.Fone this will no longer be a problem as you will be able to unlock your iPhone without any problem although obviously all personal data will be lost and you will have to start configuring it again . In addition, iOS will also be updated to the latest version so in practice it will be a restoration of the iPhone to factory status.

Data draft

If you are going to sell your iPhone, the best thing to do is to securely delete all files permanently. With Dr.Fone we can securely delete all data on the iPhone or delete certain specific data that is private and we don’t want anyone to be able to recover it if the device is taken.

Restore Social App

If you have switched from iOS to Android you will have had many problems with backing up WhatsApp chats as they are not stored in the same cloud. With Dr.Fone you can create a backup of all your chats to have them stored locally for transfer to your new device.

As you can see, with Dr.Fone you will have at your disposal many tools that can be very useful at any time. At the Wondershare website you can download this tool for free, although if you want to enjoy unlimited all the iOS tools we have talked about you can get it for $139.95 here.

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