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The best sphere configurations for Apple Watch

The arrival of watchOS 3 on Apple’s first wearable device has marked a major shift. The wearable experience is much more fluid and fast . The changes are so profound that it almost feels like having a new Apple Watch.

In addition to the speed improvements, Apple has also added new faces for its smart clock. It’s true that we haven’t yet seen a specific App Store for third party dials , something that is very much missing, but we do have enough variety in the official ones that we don’t know about all of them. Let’s see the best settings and complications for our Apple Watch.

Sport spheres to measure activity

The best sphere configurations for Apple Watch
The best sphere configurations for Apple Watch

With the launch of the first generation of the Apple Watch, in addition to watchOS versions 1 and 2, Apple has learned what is most important to users. The Apple Watch shines when it comes to playing sports and monitoring our daily physical activity , so the new spheres of the Apple Watch have focused on this:

  • Analog Sphere of Activity, version 1: The Analog Sphere of Activity has two versions. The first places three tiny rings inside a normal watch face. These rings represent the three types of activity measured by the Apple Watch: standing, calories and exercise. At a glance, it shows your progress.
  • Analogical sphere of activity, version 2: it is similar to the previous one, the only thing that changes is the way the rings are represented. As can be seen in the image at the top of this section, the three rings take centre stage on the screen, with the hands of the clock rotating on them.
  • Digital activity sphere: displays time, calories, exercise and standing hours digitally. One on top of the other and with its corresponding color. For the sake of clarity, the now classic activity ring appears in the lower left corner of the dial.

Each of these areas admits two minor complications and one major one. The minor ones have little physical space to display information, so they are usually better suited as “shortcuts” to other apps. In the two analog spheres, it is very good that one of them is the one to start training and the other one shows us the heart sensor.

The third complication can be used to place your next appointment on the calendar or weather forecast. There is plenty of information in that row , so make good use of it. As for the digital sphere, it has the same space for complications.

Modular Sphere: the one that offers more information

Most Apple Watch users I know have the Modular Sphere among their favorites . The main reason is that it displays a huge amount of information at a glance, as long as you get used to it.

The modular dial is perfect for those who want to be able to read a lot of information on their Apple Watch

In addition to the time, you have room for five more complications. Four of them are smaller, but still larger than the rest of the spheres. They are perfect for showing the date and day of the week in the same complication, , placing the direct access to the Training , showing our heart rate and the progress of our daily activity.

Apple Watch Series 2, análisis: ¡muévete!

But what makes Modular stand out from the rest of the spheres is the central complication. It provides a huge space from which to display a large amount of information in the centre of the sphere. Those who use the iPhone’s calendar app a lot often set this complication there to see at a glance what awaits them throughout the day.

Some additional tips

With watchOS 3, we have a modification to an existing sphere. This is the Mickey Mouse sphere, which now adds Minnie. We can change the color of the costume of both characters. In Mickey’s case, choose between red and black and white, while in Minnie’s case there is a wide variety of colours in addition to those two. A curious detail: if we touch the sphere we will hear Mickey or Minnie telling us the time out loud.

We do not yet have an App Store dedicated to the spheres, but the combinations we can make with the existing ones are numerous. Moreover, it’s now very easy to switch from one to the other as you just have to slide your finger from left to right (or vice versa). So we can organize the spheres from the Apple Watch app on the iPhone to quickly change them at any time of day.

With watchOS 3 it is much easier to change and manage the dials of the Apple Watch

For example, first thing in the morning we can put a more serious sphere to go to work. Or the modular one to know our agenda. When we leave work and go to the gym, change it to one of the activity ones. The weekends are for relaxing , so you can put a more fun (Mickey Mouse, Movement), the Astronomy to see how the light advances in the world or the Solar, which shows us the sunrises and sunsets.

Finally, a very interesting trick that comes as a novelty in watchOS 3 and iOS 10 is that we can organize and customize the spheres from the iPhone itself . As soon as we open the Watch app, we’ll see a list of all our dials. From there we can edit, delete and move them around. Perfect for having everything to your liking.

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