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The best sleeves for the new MacBook Pro

The arrival of the new MacBook Pro has meant that all owners have to resort to adapters, cables, and other accessories to maintain compatibility with any device they also own. And that’s something we’ve already looked into, but what about sleeves? These have always been inseparable from Apple laptops and the new MacBook Pro is no exception. Este accesorio añade 4 TB y más puertos a tu MacBook Pro de 2016, pero olvídate de tener un MacBook Pro bonito

Let’s take a look at what the manufacturers have prepared for them. Fortunately there are a variety of formats.

Incase Ariaprene Classic

The best sleeves for the new MacBook Pro
The best sleeves for the new MacBook Pro

This is a classic case, which simply protects your MacBook Pro and has no extra handles or pockets. Made of synthetic leather, it is sold at the Apple Store for ?39.95 in four different colours. You can also find it on Amazon. Liquid- and impact-resistant.

Tomtoc Case

This is the most economical option and works for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro as well. It is sold at Amazon for 15.99 euros in two colours, and includes an exterior pocket where a cable and some papers fit. It’s splash-proof and has coated edges to better protect the corners of the device.

Moshi iGlaze Pro

If you prefer hardcovers then you can have a look at Moshi’s iGlaze. Transparent, they show off the colour of your MacBook Pro and at the same time add an extra layer of protection. Amazon still sells the older models, so check out their official website to find retailers.

Incase Reform

We are looking at something more complete: Incase also has this case with more compartments. It has a custom-made Tensaerlite protector to protect the laptop, and it is sold at the Apple Store for 89.95 euros in two colors.

Mujjo Sleeve

For 69,90 euros you have a luxury alternative: finished in leather, this dhttps:/images-na.ssl-images-amazon.comimagesI81yqfsKqcYL case. SL1300 .jpge Mujjo can also be used to carry the 12.9-inch iPad Pro including its Smart Keyboard. There are two models depending on the skin colour you choose: brown or black.

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