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The best shortcuts for iPhone and iPad to take advantage of Siri

iOS 12 introduced almost a year ago the Shortcuts in Spanish. With this curious feature we could make our iOS team much smarter by allowing us to do everyday actions much faster, at the touch of a button. Added to this was the support for Siri, so the voice assistant was much better if the user could develop his own shortcuts.

One of the drawbacks to Shortcuts is that they can be so heavy that you have to create your own recipes. That’s why in this article we’re going to show you a series of shortcuts that are sure to help you in your day-to-day life with the corresponding link to download them. We recommend you to try them all and challenge yourself to use them in your daily life with Siri.

Take advantage of Siri with these 11 shortcuts

The best shortcuts for iPhone and iPad to take advantage of SiriThe best shortcuts for iPhone and iPad to take advantage of Siri

After researching the web, we have found 11 shortcuts that we believe can be very helpful in your day, as they will allow you to translate texts, disable the WiFi connection and activate the fast data or even be informed of the best technology news.

The first shortcut we’re going to discuss is related to the screenshots on your device. If you are going to publish a screenshot somewhere or you want to pass it to someone in a curious way, with this shortcut when you run it it will search your gallery for the last screenshot and add a frame . This way the capture will be adorned with the device you made it with, very useful for the design of certain covers.

The original photo will not be modified, but a copy will be created in your gallery with this frame. You can add this Shortcut to your library by clicking here. Please note that this shortcut will only add an iPhone frame, it is not compatible with the iPad.

To choose the photo you want you can download another shortcut here that will allow you to go to a specific image, in the lower left corner we will press the share button and we will move until we find “Shortcuts”, if you don’t see it select “More”. Once the shortcuts are opened we must execute “Device Screenshots”.

Do you want to be aware of all the technology news that happens on a daily basis? With this shortcut you can select the media you like best when you run it and you will have a compilation of the latest news published . This is a fully customisable shortcut in its settings for you to add your preferred media and its URL.

By default it will launch 10 news items although as we say everything is to inquire into their preferences in order to have the number you want. You can download this shortcut here.

When we go out or come home sometimes it is quite heavy to have to disable mobile data and activate WiFi, especially the latter since we have to go to the settings because from the control center is not perfectly deactivated. With this shortcut when you run it you can decide two scenarios:

* Enable WiFi and disable mobile data s, ideal for when we get home.

* Disable WiFi and activate mobile data, perfect for when you’re out and about.

You can download this shortcut here.

Sometimes we have to read a text that is not in our language, and we have to copy it and go to a translator to find out what it means. This task can be done much more easily and quickly with this shortcut because you only have to copy the text you want to translate and execute this shortcut . This will automatically display a menu where you select the language you want to translate the text into and Microsoft will give you the translation.

You can download this shortcut here.

This shortcut works really well with Siri, as it quickly opens the camera in Selfie mode to take a picture and save it. This is useful to save us from having to find the camera application and turn it.

You can download this shortcut here.

If you’re a Twitter fan and you need to tell us what you do in your day-to-day life or simply to express your opinion, you can do it quickly thanks to this shortcut. When you run it, it will simply open the Twitter application and you will only have to start writing.

You can download this shortcut here.

When we are going to travel by plane or when we have to leave our mobile phone without coverage due to different circumstances, you can save yourself from having to go to the control panel and deactivate all the connectivity. With this shortcut that makes sense when running it with Siri, you will leave your iPhone without any connectivity, perfect for when we are on a plane.

In addition, you will also be asked for the duration of the flight so that it is automatically deactivated when you arrive at your destination.

You can download this shortcut here.

If you are a movie lover and you are used to go regularly to see the latest releases, with this shortcut you will be able to check the schedule of the sessions in the cinemas closest to your location.

You can download this shortcut here.

This shortcut will open your photo gallery and when you select one it will analyze it and give you the information of this image such as the format, resolution or the space it occupies.

You can download this shortcut here.

If you like to express yourself with GIFs in your conversations with friends or family, this shortcut is certainly for you. Every time we run it, a different GIF will be generated that we can download and send through the different social networks or messaging services.

You can download this shortcut here.

If you are a lover of images and want to discover new images every day that can serve as your wallpaper, this shortcut will generate a new image every day

You can download this shortcut here.

Use these shortcuts with Siri

Many of these shortcuts don’t make sense if you have to run them through the Shortcuts application or widget, as you spend the same amount of time doing it yourself. That’s why the smartest thing to do is to run it through Siri adding the message you should tell the wizard to execute this command.

To make this configuration, you can do it in Settings> Siri and search> “All shortcuts” and here you can select the shortcut and save the sentence to run it through Siri.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about these shortcuts, using them in your day to day life.