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the best-selling mobile is the iPhone 7

Even with many people switching to Chinese branded phones like Huawei for their high-end features at low prices , there is still a steady leadership in the ranking of best-selling mobiles. Why does the iPhone always stay ahead?

the best-selling mobile is the iPhone 7
the best-selling mobile is the iPhone 7

According to the latest Market Pulse study, it can be clearly seen that Huawei in particular managed to position itself with a 12% market share , thus obtaining the second position and slightly surpassing Apple. On the other hand, even having such a high market share, Huawei has not managed to get any of its phones into the top ten.

In this classification, although it is the third in the market share, the leadership is for Apple , having in first and second position the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, both occupying in total 6.9% of the global market. In the queue are four Samsung terminals, two Oppo terminals and a Xiaomi phone.

What we can see is that Asian companies are taking control of the smartphone market . But even with all that influence, they can’t get past the giant Cupertino with their iPhone 7 and unfortunately for them, the next iPhone will be launched today.

Something that we can also appreciate is that it is not necessary to have a good mobile and sell it well to take a lot of market share . Companies like Huawei, Xiaomi or Samsung have a huge amount of devices to choose from. Very few (or none in the case of Huawei) of these devices reach the top 10 best-selling mobiles, but that does not mean that buyers reject them completely.

We know which are the best selling mobiles of this summer and previous years, but that does not mean that at the end of 2017 everything will be the same . We have to take into account the launch of the new iPhone and all the devices that other brands will be bringing out once the new iPhone appears. Surely the leadership of this table will remain the same, but you never know.

We must also take into account the very rapid growth of Asian brands and the flagships of companies such as Samsung which always manage to find a niche in the current market (unless they explode).


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