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The best ‘product’ I have purchased is an almost unlimited data rate for my Apple devices

Can you imagine what it would be like to leave your home and not worry at all about your Internet connection? Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to enjoy all kinds of videos or even update App Store applications over a data connection? Well, since two months I don’t worry about wifi networks when I leave home, and in fact, I almost always prefer to use my own connection even if I have a network available.

A few weeks ago we shared with you the feeling of enjoying a flat rate on an iPhone for a week, but now we are going a little bit further by extending this experience to all our connected Apple devices . And the best thing about it is that this solution came more or less accidentally.

Better my 4G than the coffee wifi

In the area where I live, the internet connection, despite being fibre optic, is very unstable, and there were quite a few days when the network was down or the speed fluctuated too much to be able to work under conditions. Tired of this situation and knowing that, on the contrary, the 4G coverage was excellent, I decided to hire an alternative connection as a test.

The idea was simple: test the quality of the connection for a few weeks and then assess whether to maintain it or not. In my case, I opted for a 100 GB 4G rate for just under 30 euros a month with the idea of having an alternative connection for support, but the experience was so good that in the end managed to transform my work habits , becoming one of the best investments for those of us who move frequently.

All connected equipment

Flat rates make one really forget about the volume of information being downloaded. That is no longer a problem that suddenly reappears when there is a quota of data: in this case, 100 GB. And the first weeks the use of the devices was a bit forced and conditioned , checking at all times the downloaded volume, but I soon discovered that in a normal use and for work, I was far from the limit, so I soon lost the fear .

It was at that point that I started to make normal use of the devices, configured as follows:

  • iPhone 6 Plus: It would remain as it was in the beginning, without changing SIMs and in fact, without connecting to the personal network it had created. I did this for the sake of simplifying the installation and because on the iPhone I already had a loose data rate that never reached the limit. On the other hand, I did not want to penalize the connection by adding another device for ‘passive’ listening.
  • iPad mini 4G: this small all-rounder became the unexpected protagonist of the installation. I incorporated the SIM with the 100 GB of data and activated the Internet Sharing function, so that the device would work as the center of a tethered network. Why the iPad? fundamentally because of its high battery life and because, due to its size, it can be carried discreetly while working on the computer.
  • Siete días con una tarifa (casi) ilimitada en el iPhone

    En Xataka Móvil
    MacBook Air: became the main beneficiary of the network, and as a point, deliberately chose the 4G connection before the wifi in the cafes for quality, and also for security. As I point out, at the beginning the use was shy, even closing applications to minimize the consumption, but with time I discovered that a normal use could be carried out without any problems.

The first weeks I valued to cancel this additional network, since, it is true, you can work depending on the networks of bars and public. But soon I began to appreciate the profitability of being able to connect anywhere and at high speed. Suddenly, the train, any park or even on weekend breaks, lifting the lid of the laptop had my mobile office up. And this is, to this day, one of the best investments in a long time.

The best ‘product’ I have purchased is an almost unlimited data rate for my Apple devices
The best ‘product’ I have purchased is an almost unlimited data rate for my Apple devices

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