The best of each iPhone

Today, and in line with what has been published these days with the tenth anniversary of the release of the first iPhone, we will show you what we think, from a subjective point of view, the best of each model of Apple phone . We reiterate that everyone can think otherwise, but we open the debate and as always, we await your comments at the end.

Original iPhone or 2G

Perhaps the best thing about him was the fact that he was what the telephone industry needed at the time. More specifically, to be an all-in-one .

iPhone 3G

The best of each iPhone
The best of each iPhone

We voted to bring already the inclusion of the App Store and its good battery, with 50 hours standby time.

iPhone 3GS

The camera could already record video and its storage capacity increased to 32 GB.

iPhone 4

I think it’s obvious, a design that I loved. Also an increase in RAM to 512MB.

iPhone 4S

Then Siri came along, and made everything easier. The camera also had great quality, with 8 MPX .

iPhone 5

Incorporate the LTE , or 4G.

iPhone 5S

Inclusion of the fingerprint sensor and an incredible design.

iPhone 5C

A iPhone within reach of many with a casual design.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Apple listened to consumers and responded with larger screens .

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

4K video and great performance , to tell the truth.

iPhone SE

Design combined with an enviable power .

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Its cameras, true wonders , and the speed of the processor.

We repeat that this list is subjective, everyone may think that each model had other things that were their strengths. What is incontestable is that the iPhone has always been generating a tremendous amount of expectation with each release. Rumors have always been the companions, as is happening right now with the next model that Cupertino’s will put on sale .

What would you highlight about each of them? Will you tell us?

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