The best news app on the App Store is called BuzzFeed News

There are many ways to keep up with the latest news, and if you have a device with iOS or the Apple Watch, the best application for it is called BF News . Back to the beginning, many of us will probably use RSS readers with custom feeds to keep up with only the latest news from the news portals that interest us, but this type of application is always a great complement so that nothing gets by us.

One of the peculiarities that we find in this application is that all the news that it shows are written by the team of editors of BuzzFeed , including international news, so we will be aware of everything that happens around us. Therefore, the editors will try to make sure that each news item is understood according to its context and background , so that everything reaches you in the clearest and most truthful way possible.

The best news app on the App Store is called BuzzFeed News
The best news app on the App Store is called BuzzFeed News

On the other hand, we will not only have access to the “news” itself of importance, but also tweets or vines that are in trend at the time . Likewise, it will be very easy for us to share the news we want, from the application itself, by these or other means, so that we can get it to whoever we want in an efficient way.

As for the notification system, we can customize it to our liking , so that we are notified only of the sections we want, as we may only want to receive the latest news in sports or technology. And if you have an Apple Watch, you can receive these last minute news directly on your wrist , as you can see in the previous screenshots of the WatchOS version.

If you want to keep an eye on everything that’s going on in the world, the BuzzFeed News application is your best ally . At the moment it is available in both English and Spanish , it has a version for Apple Watch as we mentioned before, and it works on all iOS devices from iOS 8.0 onwards. Have you already tried to find out what’s going on with BF News?

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