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The best memes of the Apple keynote

Apple’s September special event went a long way. The company finally introduced us to the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, although a new iPad, the Apple Watch Series 5, was also presented and launch dates were given for the Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ platforms. However, on the web we not only saw information about these devices, but there was also room for humor with the great memes that we show you below and that are sure to make you laugh.

The new iPhone 11 Pro incorporates new functions and features, but also brings a new rear design with a triple camera that has been the focus of much criticism, praise and, of course, much derision. Proof of this is the amount of memes that we found during the day of the event and that show the certain similarity of the disposition of these cameras with the form that have the kitchens of vitroceramic .

The best memes of the Apple keynote
The best memes of the Apple keynote

But the triple camera was not only memes compared to a kitchen, but we could also see how this triple lens resembles a razor or a firearm . The number of cameras on the iPhone also fell into the hands of humor, which, like other companies, seems to have more and more lenses.

The iPhone 11, which incorporates a double camera instead of a triple, was also a victim of this wave of memes as is the classic price of these devices and their comparison to the price of a kidney .

During these weeks a meme has been viralized in which the two protagonists of the series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cry in front of a cat . This meme has also been adapted to the screens of the new Apple iPhone.

By taking a look at networks like Twitter or Facebook we can witness more memes related to the new iPhones and collecting them all would be practically impossible. However, we have tried to bring you the most outstanding ones, which are sure to bring out at least a smile.

If one thing is clear from these memes it is that the sense of humor should always prevail even when the design of a device like the iPhone is not to everyone’s taste. After all, we will always have time to seriously analyze the devices and highlight their strengths and weaknesses.

And you, have you dared to create a meme with your iPhone yet?

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