The best leather cases for iPhone XR you can buy

The iPhone XR has recently arrived at the Apple Store. However, unlike the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, they don’t have an official leather case. Is it to show off the bright colors it brings? In any case, we have a number of alternatives from interesting manufacturers who have prepared leather cases for the Apple phone.

The iPhone XR comes in six different and colorful colors on its back. This may be the reason why Apple has decided not to make a silicone or leather case for the phone. As they are opaque, they would cover up the color and would all be the same. In fact, at the Apple Store all three cases available are transparent in order to highlight the colour.

The best leather cases for iPhone XR you can buy
The best leather cases for iPhone XR you can buy

If you’re interested in protecting your iPhone XR with a sleek leather case , there are options beyond those offered by Apple. In particular, there are three accessory manufacturers to consider when making your decision. Leaving aside white marks or cases of dubious quality, these are the three most interesting options:

Nodus Case for iPhone XR

Nodus has only one model of case for the iPhone XR, although in four different colours. Its case opens like a book and protects both the front and back of the case thanks to its cover. The cover simultaneously allows you to store cards, bills and other fine documents.

This case is available for booking for 55.99 euros. It is made of leather with vegetable treatment and microfiber inside. Available colours are brown, black, green and grey. You can purchase them from their official website. Free shipping in Europe in a matter of days.

Mujjo Case for iPhone XR

We have already analysed Mujjo’s cases at Apple, but those of the iPhone XS and XS Max. However, the quality, style and models are identical. Mujjo has made some of the best leather cases ever seen for iPhone , and in many ways better than Apple’s own.

In Mujjo we find a total of three different colours and two different models . They can be simple covers or covers with a pocket for cards and bills on the back. The colours are brown, black and dark green. Their price is 45.37 euros for the model with a pocket and 41.24 euros for the simple model. You can see more details on their website. Mujjo delivers in less than 48 hours normally, unless it is a weekend.

At AppleFundas Mujjo for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max: beyond protecting your phone

NOMAD Cases for iPhone XR

NOMAD is the other manufacturer that has already announced its leather cases for the iPhone XR. In this case we have two different colors and up to three different models of cases. A simple leather case that covers only the back, a book style case that has a cover for the front with a pocket inside and a third tri-folio case that has a second cover to close the case completely.

Prices this time start at about $45 for the single model, about $60 for the model with a cover and up to $80 for the tri-folio model. You can see more details on their website. In Spain, stores like Macnificos officially distribute NOMAD covers . NOMAD has a delivery time of between five and 15 days, but having distributors in Spain can be a matter of a day or two, depending on availability in the store.

Which of the three manufacturers to choose? Here it is personal taste of each one, they are quality products in all three cases and it depends rather on the style and model we like. In any case, we will also have to keep a close eye on TwelveSouth, one of the big manufacturers of accessories for Apple, which has not yet published any of its covers and will probably be in the process of doing so.

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