The best iPhone car accessories

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José Alberto Lizana

The best iPhone car accessories
The best iPhone car accessories

Posted on May 14, 2020 – 09:30

Driving while being helped by our iPhone is becoming increasingly common thanks to navigation applications. There are many accessories that we can find in the market to be able to hold or charge the iPhone while we are driving. In this article we try to collect the best ones we can find.

iPhone mounts

Without a doubt, one of the essential accessories in any car is an iPhone holder. The main use that we are going to give it is to consult the GPS while we are driving without having to manipulate the device and also without taking our eyes off the road.

Aukey Support

Aukey mobile support Buy it inEUR9,99

Description: ideal support for holding the iPhone in order to be able to consult the mobile phone. Fits most car air vents, giving very good stability. The iPhone in this holder can be rotated 360º to be able to have it horizontally or vertically, as it is more comfortable for the driver. The charging port is free so it can be recharged at the same time as it is used.

Modohe support

Buy Modohe charger Buy it atEUR9,95

Description: this time the Modohe support allows to have the iPhone as a HUD to drive safely. It is totally universal as it is a clip that is placed on the dashboard of the car. In this way we will always have our phone in sight to be able to consult routes on the GPS, obviously without manipulating it.

IZUKU support

Buy IZUKU support Buy it atConsult

Description: the IZUKU bracket has a different design as it is not attached to the dashboard or the air vents, as its suction cup can be attached to the front window itself. It is true that it can also be supported on the front dashboard, but it is certainly more suitable for supporting it on the glass. It is a universal support for a wide range of iPhone and other mobile devices.

Cigarette lighter charger

Charging the iPhone in the car is also essential and quite normal, as the GPS can consume quite a lot of battery power. The best option to have this recharge with a good voltage is to use a cigarette lighter charger.

RAMPOW charger

Buy cigarette lighter charger RAMPOW Buy it atEUR8.99

Description: charger that has a power of 24W at 4.8A allowing fast charging of compatible mobile devices. It includes two USB sockets, so you can recharge up to two mobile devices or any other accessory. Thanks to the LED lights in each of the connectors, you’ll be sure to have no trouble plugging in the charging cable in low-light environments.

Kcgrape charger

Buy Kcgrape charger Buy it atEUR11,99

Description: Charge your iPhone with a quick charge thanks to this charger that offers a charge of up to 30W. Includes two ports so you can charge another device simultaneously. But it won’t reach you alone as it includes a 1-meter ligthning cable. As above, the LED light on the connectors means you can connect the cable even if the light in the car is low.

AINOPE charger

Buy AINOPE charger Buy it inEUR13,99

Description: dual charger built entirely of metal offering a charge of up to 36W and 6A. This clearly means that we will be able to make a quick charge, provided that the iPhone has the capacity to support that much power. It is compatible with any car model and all types of lighter and obviously with both Android and iOS.

Recharge and CarPlay cables

Having a USB-Ligtning cable is a must in a car. Both to use the cigarette lighter chargers mentioned above, and to connect the iPhone via CarPlay to the vehicle, a cable is required.


Buy charging cable Buy it atEUR10,49

Description: cable that is especially recommended for use in the car thanks to its resistance that can withstand up to 15 kg without being damaged. It is MFi certified, which means that it is endorsed by Apple itself. In addition, it is prepared for fast loading, supporting up to 2.4A.

AmazonBasics Cable

Buy AmazonBasics Cable Buy it atEUR7.99

Description: a fairly inexpensive cable model with MFi certification. Built with copper wire with Kevlar and nylon fiber, which provides strength as well as flexibility. It is available in several different colors and also in variable sizes, starting from 10 centimeters to 3 meters. Obviously for a car the most recommended is 0.9 m or 1.8 m.

UGREEN cable

Buy UGREEN cable Buy it atEUR13.99

Description: cable that supports fast loading and exceptional durability as it is made of braided nylon. It has the MFi certificate from Apple and the characteristic is that it has a 90º angle to facilitate the loading of the device in the support even if it is vertical or horizontal. The size is one meter and has a very characteristic color that is metallic red.

JSAUX heavy duty cable

Buy JSAUX cable Buy it atEUR10.99

Description: extremely resistant cable as it has a reinforced joint that connects the cable to the head. It has a length of 1.8 meters ideal for vehicles and easily supports fast loading. In addition to the joint, it is totally resistant thanks to the military fiber construction.

And you, do you use any accessories for your iPhone in the car?

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