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The best iPhone blood pressure monitor with iOS Health and wireless integration

If there is something that characterizes the iPhone is the amount of accessories that arise designed for this device. Products that one would never have thought of, but that can gain great importance in the day-to-day life of thousands of people. This is the case of the Koogeek wireless blood pressure monitor for iPhone , a device that measures blood pressure in an intelligent way.

It’s the perfect example of how the iPhone can help us control our health thanks to this accessory. If you suffer from any kind of problem related to the pressure in your arteries, this is the most comfortable way to control it without leaving home.

Koogeek wireless blood pressure monitor for iPhone, specifications

  • Wireless arm blood pressure monitor.
  • 2.2-inch blue backlit LCD screen
  • Connectivity: bluetooth 4.0 or WiFi
  • Systolic pressure range: 55 – 260 mmHg
  • Diastolic pressure range: 25 – 200 mmHg .
  • Pulse range: 40 – 199 beats per minute
  • Accuracy: ± 3 mmHg blood pressure and ± 5% heart rate.
  • Charging cable included: micro-USB.
  • Materials: synthetic leather band, aluminum and plastic sphygmomanometer.
  • Weight: 300 grams.
  • Price: 69.99 euros at Amazon.

A Step Forward in Blood Pressure Control

The best iPhone blood pressure monitor with iOS Health and wireless integration
The best iPhone blood pressure monitor with iOS Health and wireless integration

The Koogeek Wireless Tensiometer is a product that stands out for being an all-in-one package . The sensor itself is attached to the band that we will place on the arm and at the same time it is connected to our iPhone. No cables and no messy mounting.

After taking it out of the box, we must download the app created by the company and that serves for other devices of theirs. In our case, we will only use the function to measure the voltage, although it has many other possibilities. The use is extremely simple :

  1. We place the blood pressure monitor and its band around the arm, leaving a couple of fingers away with the elbow.
  2. We turn on the app on the iPhone and press the upper button of the blood pressure monitor once.
  3. In the app, we selected the heart icon.
  4. You will have to add a user profile the first time to get a history of the stress. You can have up to 16 different profiles.
  5. You start the test and immediately the blood pressure monitor starts to swell, squeezing your arm.
  6. When it swells completely, it will begin to progressively deflate. At the end of the test, you will have your systolic and diastolic pressure, as well as your heart rate.
  7. Optionally, you can start the test without using the app by pressing the power button twice in a row.

And that’s it. We’ll see the results appear in the iPhone app and on its LCD screen , with a range and history of the different tests you’ve performed over time.

Blood pressure monitor with iOS Health integration

Tensiómetro de brazo Koogeek, 69,99 euros en Amazon.

En Apple
The Koogeek app is quite useful, but for my taste it has too many options and menus that I don’t use. I used it to launch the test and little else. Best of all, it has integration with the iOS Health data , incorporating the blood pressure monitor readings into its information panel. This way, we have all our health data centralized in one place.

In order to have this kind of integration, we will have to give you the corresponding permissions to the Koogeek app. When we enter the Health app, we’ll see a section added to control the stress on the day we’ve done a test. From there, both blood pressure levels are shown, as well as the beats per minute.

Without a doubt, one of the best features of this iPhone blood pressure monitor is its integration with Salud

I checked this last data with the Apple Watch and coincides with the reading of the blood pressure monitor. For those who are concerned about the validity of this device, it is certified by the US Federal Drugs Administration as well as by the European Community.

The price may be a little high if you want to have sporadic control of your blood pressure. But if it’s a vital constant that you need to keep an eye on, Koogeek’s blood pressure monitor is a good buy . You no longer have to go to a pharmacy, doctor or analogue blood pressure monitor to measure it. In addition, its illuminated display and large figures make it easy for older people to read.

The team has been loaned for the test by Koogeek. You can consult our policy of relations with companies here.

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