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The best iPad game that money can buy


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The best iPad game that money can buy
The best iPad game that money can buy

With a tablet of any other brand you couldn’t play a game like that simply because of its low reactivity to touch. This game shines on the iPad , and just a few days ago, it also shines on the iPhone.

This is a very simple but innovative concept. It redefines touch-based puzzle creation games. Every movement we draw on the screen is reproduced just as we have drawn it and in that direction. The point is to draw a shape that can collect the coloured circles, avoiding black holes.

Gestures are invented by you. They’re all just gestures. They can be from the simplest to the most complicated you can imagine, as long as you don’t fall into the black holes, everything will be fine. It’s also interesting that there are thousands of possible solutions and they will all be fine. Of course, as we progress the levels will get more complicated. The patterns will become more complicated and more moving variables will appear.

This title is the first game of two brothers, both with a background in programming, but with a lot of creation and short projects in between. According to one of its creators, Blek could be described as an open experience with unique mechanics and deep bauhaus design. Huh! Imagine working with a guy who can say that about a game. Yeah, it can be complicated. But Blek isn’t. And this is what the press thinks about the game:

Need more? Then go to the App Store and buy this game, which, as I said before, is universal but looks much better on an iPad, and will be the 2 euros with 69 cents better investment for a long time.

Price: 2.69 euros

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