the Best Buy chain of electronics stores already has covers


Rumors of a new “cheap” iPhone from Apple have been going around for months. They all point to the fact that it will have a virtually identical design to the iPhone 8 and a 4.7″ LCD Retina IPS screen. The important changes would be inside, as it would incorporate the Apple A13 Bionic processor and 3 GB of RAM. In addition, in the iOS 14 code it has been discovered that the company would also be working on a Plus version.

the Best Buy chain of electronics stores already has covers
the Best Buy chain of electronics stores already has covers

Another of the device’s unknowns would be its name. Although at first it began to be called “iPhone SE 2” because of its similarities in terms of value for money with the terminal launched by Apple in mid-2016, in the Japanese media Macotakara assured in early December last year that it would be called “iPhone 9”, thus filling the gap left by Apple between 8 and X.

Although Apple has not yet announced the device, one of South Korea’s leading telemarketers invited its customers to reserve it by means of posters and advertising on the facades of its stores. Around the same time (February), the manufacturer Totallee showed its first cases for the device on its website. Now official models are arriving at Best Buy.

Monarch UAG 2020 4.7″ iPhone Case

Best Buy is one of the leading chains of stores specializing in electronic products in the United States, although it also has branches in other countries such as Canada, Mexico, China and Turkey. One of its employees has taken a photograph of an Urban Armor Gear (UAG) brand case designed for the “iPhone 9” and shared it with MacRumors.

The exact name of the phone is not mentioned in the box, but “New iPhone 4.7″ 2020” (New iPhone 4.7″ 2020) appears. This is not unusual before the official launch of a new device. From the media they claim they cannot confirm the source of the case or whether it is real, but they also have no reason not to believe in its veracity as accessory manufacturers send their products to stores days before the product launch to make them available at the right time.

At AppleEverything Apple has to present with its possible release dates: Rumorsfera

According to the source that sent the photograph, Best Buy workers have received orders not to start selling the sleeves until Sunday, April 5 . It is not known if that date will be when Apple will announce the new iPhone by surprise, but if so, it would be a bit strange if they did it on the weekend.


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