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The best board games for iPhone and iPad

They say that the classics always come back and this is precisely the case with board games. It’s true that games on game consoles or mobile platforms such as Apple Arcade are becoming more and more important, but we can’t forget about those longed-for games that are also available digitally. That’s why we propose below a series of board games that you can download to your iPhone or iPad from the App Store.


DownloadQR-CodeMonopolyDeveloper: Marmalade Game StudioPrice: 4.49

The best board games for iPhone and iPadThe best board games for iPhone and iPad

The mythical game where you have to try to get the most important streets or monuments is available in the App Store. It is priced at 4.99 euros and contains in-app shopping , but it is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining video games that can make your games last for hours and hours. It also stands out for retaining the classic boards, so in a way we’ll even forget that we’re playing through a screen.


DownloadQR-CodeQuestionsDeveloper: EtermaxPrice: Free

You’ll probably remember the trivia game, the famous game where you had to answer questions in different categories until you got all the cheese. This is the most popular adapted version and you can play it online with your friends or with any of the thousands of random users who connect daily. Here there are no quesitos, but characters from Art, Science, History, Sports and Geography, but at the end of the day the mechanics are very similar and your knowledge of general culture is the most valuable. It is also free , although you can buy coins within the app to get help during your games. And, pay attention to this… You can play from the Apple Watch!

Domino online

DownloadQR-CodeDominó OnlineDeveloper: Megajogos Entretenimento LtdaPrice: Free

Do you know how to play dominoes? If not, maybe now is your chance to learn and have fun with another one of the classic games of our life. In this digital version you can find different game modes , being able to play online with internet users or with your friends by connecting directly with them. Entertainment is guaranteed.

Parcheesi STAR

DownloadQR-CodeParchis STARDeveloper: Gameberry LabsPrice: Free

If there’s one board game par excellence in our history, it’s Parcheesi. Yes, that’s the one where you have to roll a die and advance with your four pieces until you get them into your ‘home’. This classic has been modernized and we now have a version for mobiles and tablets that is very popular and where you can spend hours. It has different modes, with two, three, four or more players. You can even play as a team and even with your Facebook friends.

The Game of the Goose

DownloadQR-CodeThe Goose Game NoLimitsDeveloper: ManualiPcPrice: Free

From goose to goose and I shoot because it touches me or from bridge to bridge and I shoot because the current takes me. The point is that with this classic game of the Goose the most important thing is to go forward in the box and if it can be with several consecutive throws, better than better. Surely, who else and who less has ever played the board version of this game, which curiously used to be found on the other side of Parcheesi. With this one


DownloadQR-CodeUNO!™Developer: Mattel163 LimitedPrice: Free

This is the official version of the card game in which you have to try to run out of cards and beat your opponents. You’ll have more fun than ever with this digital version where you can create your own rules, play tournaments, partner with your friends and endless possibilities. If you played this game in your childhood, you’ll play it now on your iPhone or iPad with a lot of nostalgia and the same fun.


DownloadQR-CodeSolitaireDeveloper: MobilityWarePrice: Free

It’s not all about playing with friends and just like you can do with a real deck of cards, in this game you can have fun on your own against chance. The good thing about this game is that you can adapt the levels to your knowledge or desire to challenge yourself at the time, as you will find everything from the lowest to the most expert levels. It is available in Standard or Vegas game mode.

4 in a row

DownloadQR-Code4 En Raya – Board GameDeveloper: Richard BuckinghamPrice: Free

Clin, clin, clin. Or something like that. It is difficult to describe in a text the classic sound of the checkers of the 4 in ray fitting on the board, but it is not so complicated to remember the hours and hours we have spent with this hobby in our life. The mechanics are simple and the name itself reminds us of it: to fit 4 tokens in a row , either vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. It is perhaps the most attractive game for the little ones in the house.

And you, what other board games for iPhone and iPad do you know? You can leave your recommendations in the comment box.