The best apps to publish stories on Instagram like a professional

The stories implemented in various applications, and especially in Instagram, have become a must for many . They are a great way to tell stories, to share moments that we don’t necessarily want to keep forever.

If you want to take a leap in quality here is a series of applications with which to publish stories like a professional . Gaining in dynamism, attractiveness and allowing you to achieve your own style.

Content and continent: the success of the stories

The best apps to publish stories on Instagram like a professional
The best apps to publish stories on Instagram like a professional

Before seeing which applications can help us improve our stories visually it is important to note that without quality content the rest does not matter.

This which seems obvious is something that many still ignore. And it’s common to everything. Whether you are sharing a text, audio or video… if the content has no minimum of interest it doesn’t matter if it has a striking visual section.

On the contrary, if what you tell in your stories is interesting, fun, brings the user or is simply able to entertain them then a good packaging will make it stand out from the rest.

Essential apps to create better stories

To improve the stories it is important to take advantage of the tools that Instagram offers natively, such as the portrait mode, filters, stickers, texts, etc. And to know little tricks like writing twice the same word or phrase but with different color to simulate leftovers; or underlining to emphasize some element… everything counts and with these native options you can already give a lot of life to the stories.

But there is always something that we would like to achieve and that with Instagram natively we cannot. That’s where the rich catalogue of apps on the App Store comes in. Here’s a series of apps that will help you add a different touch to the stories.

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post allows you to add different elements such as images or text, apply animated effects and turn them into small videos that will give a more colourful touch to our stories.

With options to resize photos to better suit each social network, the possibilities and advantages of this application available for iOS are great.

You can download it for free from the App Store


Cinemagraph Pro , a classic application to create images where only the selected area will be animated (known as cinemagraphs). With a little creativity, very attractive and differentiated results can be achieved.

Download free from the App Store


Hype Type is another very useful application for animating texts and generating a video to share on social networks, and especially in Instagram stories. This application is free to download but requires payment to remove the watermark and offers another set of payments in-app to unlock additional features.

Download to the App Store


Kirakira+ is a somewhat more special application. I explain, its base is the same, to contribute different filters and tools to give a different touch to our photos and videos. The difference is in that they can be more or less of your taste. Because those glitter effect may not be the most suitable for all kinds of publications. Although for some of them they will be the best. I’m telling you, here you can evaluate if the effects and light emission generated with KiraKira+ convince you or not.

Download KiraKira+


Canva allows you to edit photos to create images with a design and touch something more elaborate. You can add text, frames, apply some filters or even edit them before you finish your design. If you want to extend the possibilities it offers shopping in-app with icons and stickers categorized by themes such as Social Networks, Birthdays, Travel, Lifestyle, Party, etc. You have some tricks and examples on their own website.

Download Canva from the App Store


InShot is a fairly simple video editor, with the option of adding audio tracks, text and some extra effects. For some tools like iMovie for iOS or the Clip application itself it is more than enough. Maybe, but this is an additional option that in some cases improves the above. In addition we can add effects through purchases in-app.

Download InShot


8mm is a camera application that allows you to generate videos with the classic look of 8mm cameras. It is not an essential application but it is interesting as a complement.

Download 8mm on the App Store, price 2.29


Glitché is the essential application for all those who love glitch effects on video. An application with different control options when it comes to generating effects that simulate errors in the display of video tapes, brushstrokes in the image, etc. The price of the application is 0.99 ? and by purchasing in-app we can add filters for video, the camera or be able to export in high resolution. Another similar alternative is Glitch Cam

Download Glitché from the App Store


CutStory is an application as simple as it is useful. It allows you to take a video and generate different fragments with the duration that we set. As you know, Instagram stories are limited to a maximum time, so if we have a one-minute video we can’t upload it to be seen in full. The solution is to split it into fragments. And that’s what this application does very easily.

If we want to test it, the application is free in the App Store. If we like it, to remove the watermark we will have to make a step of 1.99 euros through purchases in-app.

Download CutStory

With all this plus your own photo-editing applications in iOS, I think you’ll have plenty of material to look for a point of difference in each of your stories. But remember, all this is a complement, the most important thing is what we want to convey. That is of interest to people who follow us or might want to follow us.

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