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The best applications for listening to podcasts

Podcasts are a kind of “radio on demand”, and many media outlets, talk shows, interview programs or outreach programs, among others, decide to distribute multimedia content in the form of audio through this medium.

Podcasting is a way of always being on top of our favourite media, as it gives us the chance to listen to a certain chapter as many times as we want. To do this, there are several applications that will facilitate the task of subscribing to the profile of podcast creators that we decide to follow.

The best applications for listening to podcasts
The best applications for listening to podcasts

Apple’s native application for this type of content is called “Podcasts”, and although it includes the elementary functions for playback and subscription management, other third-party applications have been eating up a lot of market space. In this post we’ll look at some of the most used and best rated applications and compare them to the application that comes installed by default on Apple devices.

“Podcasts” is Apple’s native application for this type of content.


No doubt one of Apple’s biggest podcast competitors. One of its main attractions is that is the only podcast application that allows you to listen to a certain episode without having to subscribe to the podcast in question; in addition, it is possible to download an audio for to listen to later offline. Its “sharing” options give us the option to publish an episode on our social networks so that our friends can easily access it.

For me, an undisputed advantage of iVoox is that compiles the history of the podcasts you’ve listened to, so that to access a recently listened chapter we’ll only have to search our history and have access to it. It also features a facility for users to organize their podcasts into playlists, depending on the theme, duration, or criteria each user wants to set. You can download it here.


This is one of the top rated podcast apps by users on the App Store, and it’s a classic on iOS. Although it is not very different from iVoox and its functions are quite similar to the application in the previous point (possibility of creating custom playlists, podcast downloads, etc), the feature that most often attracts attention is that the application itself suggests podcast channels based on the accounts you follow on Twitter, in case you have your profile linked to Overcast. At this point, it should be noted that has an application for Apple Watch and synchronization with Car Play.

Overcast recommends podcast channels based on the accounts you follow on Twitter.

Download this application from the App Store here.


Spreaker besides offering us the podcast episodes we subscribe to, also gives us the possibility to create our own content, besides including chats with other listeners and podcasters to make communication between creators and viewers much easier. As if that wasn’t enough, the Spreaker application has predefined playlists that you can discover based on your tastes. From this app you can listen to the Apple 5×1 podcasts by clicking on this link, Spreaker will do the rest.

Without going any further, here is the post we made of the second podcast made by Fernando Del Moral and David Hebrero commenting on WWDC 2017. Download the application here.


All the applications mentioned above can be downloaded for free from the App Store, but if we want to have Castro on our devices the price to pay is 4,49 euros. Is it worth paying for a podcast application? Well, my answer is that if you’re an extremely functional person and want to minimize the features of such an application, yes, then it’s worth it. Castro is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use podcast applications, with two main options: listen to episodes and subscribe to podcasts. No playlists, no suggestions, no chats with the podcasters; everything very simplified.

Download this application for only 4.49 euros here.

Pocket Casts

If you’re used to listening to podcasts on devices from different companies, such as iOS and Android, this is definitely your app. Pocket Casts is the podcast client that offers the best synchronization options to its users, allowing you to have your podcasts always available from any device. It also allows you to watch video podcasts, which is something that I personally don’t find very convincing, as I think it breaks with the essence of podcasting to some extent. Its price in the App Store is 4.49 euros. You can get it here.

Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast applications in terms of synchronization between different devices.

What podcast applications do you use regularly and would you have added any more to this collection?

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