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the best application to record emotions on iPhone

Many people are affected in their daily lives by their own state of mind. Mental health experts always recommend that we take control of how we may feel on a daily basis in order to cope with the situation in a much more appropriate way. That is why the creators of Monument Valley wanted to create the application Moodnotes to manage our mood on a daily basis.

Moodnotes helps your mental health

This is an application that has been devised by design experts as well as clinical psychologists. That is why this is a very reliable application with a solid scientific basis. Specifically, Moodnotes is based on the scientifically supported contents of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) . To allow you to make a more adequate reasoning, you will be able to record a follow up of your mood over time.

the best application to record emotions on iPhone
the best application to record emotions on iPhone

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With Moodnotes we can have a record of our mood so that we can discover the trigger. In our day to day life we can suffer many problems that affect us in a negative way to our mood and our mental health. Sometimes we can overlook these problems s because they are not very relevant and because society believes that a mental problem is a minor one. And this is not at all the case since we would undoubtedly be facing a very serious problem that we will have to solve thanks to the help of professionals.

Anxiety is also a serious problem of society that is trying to be solved thanks to this application. In the end we will have a kind of psychologist on our mobile, although we believe it can be a useful tool for real professionals. Sometimes when we go to therapy we are asked to write down in certain situations how we are feeling, so this application can be ideal to keep professionals informed at all times.

An attractive interface so you don’t have to worry about making records

The interface of this application is very attractive at all levels, being able to describe thoughts and emotions in a really intuitive way. We will have our history completely detailed so that it is very easy to consult both how we felt on a particular day and the message we have associated. Because besides being able to say if at a given moment we were happy or sad we will also be able to detail in a small text how we felt or what was happening to make us feel in a concrete way.

With all this information that we will add in a very simple way the application will give us some tips. For example we can identify the negative thinking traps that we’re having, like when we only see the negative side of things. And to these suggestions we should also add that we have at our disposal certain mood patterns . In this way we can know how many times we have been sad or happy over time.

For us it is a tremendously interesting application that you should have installed on your mobile device if you are interested in good mental health. Right now this is a free app, but it includes a subscription plan so you can have access to interesting advanced features to keep you in control.

And you, what do you think of this application? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.