The best application to buy and sell your Apple products

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Mauricio Martinez

The best application to buy and sell your Apple products
The best application to buy and sell your Apple products

Posted on December 21, 2016 – 21:00

Do you buy or sell Apple products or accessories often, and are you unsure of how to perform these procedures? In this post we’ll tell you about an app that will help you buy or sell Apple products safely. Marketpple brings together the best of security algorithms to be a useful app and above all to help you sell that product you may no longer need, or buy a good second-hand product.

Marketpple, an app that will help you buy and sell Apple devices

It is an application developed by Gabriel Parente Rodríguez, and is an app that is organized to manage purchases and sales of iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPod and Apple accessories. This app was born because for some reason there is distrust when it comes to selling or buying, so this will end thanks to Marketpple.

Its most important characteristics are the following:

  • Simple interface for buying and selling: Choose the category of the product you are selling and provide the device data. The ad will be complete depending on the data you want to offer except the price.
  • Book if you are interested in the product: If you book a product you like, the seller will give you the attention you need to know absolutely everything about the product. This reservation guarantees that no other buyer will be able to win the product for sale.
  • Privacy: Your iCloud account is your ticket to Marketpple. You can put a username on it so people will know what to call you.
  • Searches: Select the products that really interest you, so that you have a view of what might convince you.
  • Communications: You can talk to the buyer or seller to give more details from the app, you don’t need to offer your mobile number or other social network.
  • Product and payment security: Marketpple makes sure that every product traded is problem-free. The seller will always provide the serial number of the product, which in turn the buyer can verify in Apple from the app. In payments, different ways are accepted but the most important thing is that the payment will be retained until the buyer receives and verifies the product.

Recommendations for use of Marketpple

This is for Apple products only, so please do not attempt to add a product from another brand. When dealing with any user, it is important that you are able to rate the quality of service. This will serve to build trust among all Marketpple users. Give yourself time to download and get to know the application , because at the least expected time it could serve you, either as a buyer or a seller.

You can download Marketpple from the following link. At the moment, Marketpple is only available for use in Spain. We hope that an app like this will be available for Latin America.

If you have any doubts about what you have read in this article, you can use the following video prepared by our colleague David Hebrero.

What did you think of this app? Will it be your new way of buying and selling Apple products? Share your thoughts in our comment box.

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