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the best alternative to Safari on iPhone

Opera has presented today at the App Store its new browser Opera Touch , which comes to face Safari with the aim of becoming the best alternative to Apple’s native browser on the iPhone with its features. The new features of this new browser are designed primarily for the iPhone X, and the new iPhone XS, as you can see below.

This browser has been available in the Play Store for Android users for several months now, and has finally arrived in the App Store. As our colleagues at MovilZona say, Opera Touch is designed above all for devices with a large screen, as Opera has worked hard over the last few years to implement a series of gestures that make it easier for us to navigate the internet with one hand on this type of terminal.

the best alternative to Safari on iPhonethe best alternative to Safari on iPhone

In the following video you can see the features of this new browser:

With this new browser you can share web content very easily thanks to the Flo w technology. With this functionality, we can connect various devices such as an iPhone and a Mac and access the same content from both, which we found really interesting.

In the aesthetic part we have no complaints, since the interface adapts perfectly to the iPhone’s frames and allows us to open or close tabs, switch to the search bar or go back to the previous page with a truly intuitive gesture system using a central button at the bottom. In addition, also e n this area we have a search bar that is much more accessible than having it at the top where we are forced to use two hands to perform a search.

In the virtual “button” at the bottom we will have access to different websites that we frequent, such as Google. For us this browser has come to the App Store quite strong and with many possibilities of overthrowing Chrome as an alternative browser in iOS.

Leave us your impressions with Opera Touch in the comment box, have you downloaded it yet?