The best accessories for Apple products

If you’re reading these lines, you certainly have a lot of options for being a user of one or more Apple products. The Californian manufacturer covers a wide spectrum of products and categories with its catalogue of references, but we will try to summarize some of the best accessories of the ecosystem in its different ranges that by our experience will undoubtedly make your life easier. Apple is a brand that is especially focused on the core of its business and relies on third parties to supply the accessories market in a strategy that has worked especially well for it.

This selection includes some of the products that have passed through our hands and others that we would love to try, but that are already supported by excellent reviews among those who have already had the pleasure of using them. This is a random selection and we are sure that we left many accessories in the inkwell, but if you have just bought a product of the brand of the apple, it can serve as a start.

USB Multi-Charger

The best accessories for Apple products
The best accessories for Apple products

As the number of devices in use grows, charging them begins to become a small problem, especially for those using a USB port: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch… using a power strip is always within reach of anyone, but what about when we go on a trip? The best thing is to use a USB charger with different ports which, with a single socket , supplies power to several devices simultaneously . With it you can charge your iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and even other USB devices overnight. Lumsing offers an interesting alternative that you can buy at Amazon.

The indispensable Power Bank

No matter how good the battery in your Apple mobile device is, there can always be a time of distress – especially when traveling – when you run out of battery power at the worst possible time. Power Banks, or external batteries, should be a must-have accessory by now for anyone who spends time away from home or the office, and fortunately the catalogue of options is very extensive. As you know, these devices are charged in the home socket and depending on their capacity, they will serve to charge several devices or at least, the iPhone. Here is an interesting selection of some of the most outstanding ones.

MacBook Lift Stand

If you spend many hours in front of your notebook, you should be careful about your posture in front of the screen. Unfortunately, notebooks are designed with ease of transport in mind rather than ergonomics, so the screen is lowered and the keyboard is flat on the surface. Twelve South offers an alternative that slightly improves the position of the MacBook and without taking up space when transporting it. This is the BaseLift,

Portable Charging Stand for Apple Watch

Los mejores accesorios para iPhone, iPad y Mac presentados en el CES 2015

Once again, if you are a traveler and also want to put some order on your table, Nomad has an interesting base that serves two purposes: to load the Apple Watch and to serve as a night stand. This is the Pod, an all-in-one that not only allows you to hide the long charging cable of the device, but also has an internal battery that allows a couple of charges of the clock when you have no plug nearby, something perfect for long trips with scales.

TimePorter for Apple Watch

We continue with the Apple Watch, and we continue with accessories perfect for mobility, in this case with a peculiar carrying case for the Cupertino watch. This is TimePorter, another all-in-one that integrates a large carrying case, not only for the watch, but also for its cable and more straps. This Twelve South case also has hinges that allow the upper part of the case to be twisted to serve as a night stand for the device.

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