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The best 6 apps for flirting or meeting people for iPhone

Do you want to meet interesting people who are close to you? New technologies nowadays are good for anything, even for connecting or meeting new people . For some time now, we have been able to see how the number of social applications for meeting people has increased and in the App Store you can find many free ones for both iPhone and iPad.

Today we want to talk to you about some of the most popular apps for flirting or simply meeting people from our environment . Most of these apps are based on geolocation to show us people we have physically close to us and on a user card where we can see what the users of these apps want to show us about them and serve as a “business card”. If we fit what we see thanks to this card, we can send a request to know more about us and, maybe, it will end up jumping the spark. Of course, each of these apps has its own differences and we’ll comment the most important ones below.


The best 6 apps for flirting or meeting people for iPhone
The best 6 apps for flirting or meeting people for iPhone

One of the applications par excellence to link with the iPhone is, without a doubt, Tinder. It’s a very easy to use app that displays images of other users and you can choose whether you like them or not. In case both people like it, you can start a private chat, and you can also set up gender or distance filters.


This application is focused on the gay community. It allows you to upload profile photos and start conversations with other people who are close to you. Grindr has two versions, a free one more basic and another premium called Xtra, with more complete options for users who need something more than what is included in the free version.


Happn is different from any other application to pick up or meet people you can find in the App Store. What is striking about Happn is that you can find out which people you have met in real life, how many times you have done it and at what exact time and place. If you like someone you can hit like on their profile, but that person won’t know it unless you hit like back, in which case a conversation can be started.


One of the things that differentiates this application from the rest is that the woman is the one with the handle. She is the one who decides what kind of man she likes and which one she wants to “adopt”, looking for interests, tastes or key words.


A classic in the world of internet dating is Badoo and of course it has an iPhone application. It has more than 200 million profiles worldwide and you can find a friendship or love, whichever you prefer.

These are some of the apps most used by users around the world to flirt or find new friends with whom to share tastes and interests. Which one do you like the most? Do you like this way of flirting 2.0 or do you prefer to meet people in person without devices?

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