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The BeatsX launch could come at any time

Los AirPods reciben su primera actualización de Firmware

If the AirPods were delayed after their official announcement the BeatsX was not a delay, but the following. But after almost three months without knowing anything else about them, new sources indicate that their release may be imminent . In fact, it could come before Sunday.

The BeatsX launch could come at any time
The BeatsX launch could come at any time

As I write these lines, there is still a message on Apple’s website saying “Not currently available” although the price of 149.95 euros has already been confirmed. Apparently BestBuy has updated internal information on its official website, and the Apple online store is also preparing to announce the headset.

The BeatsX, let’s remember, are the equivalent of the AirPods ( carry the W1 chip ) but with the Dr Dre sound mark. Their main difference is that they are connected by a cable that is hung around the neck and with which they also take advantage to include a small battery. The headphones are intra-oral.

With these headphones we will have a very interesting range equipped with the W1 chip that makes your connection much more comfortable: the AirPods, the PowerBeats 3, the Beats Solo 3 Wireless… the wireless future that Apple wants is coming at a good pace in the audio world.

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