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The Beatles continue their good relationship with Apple

The Beatles, or well, the name that still gives rise to the network, and Apple continue to collaborate closely. After a past full of confrontations and disputes, now everything is harmony. This is how the latest release arrives, which is none other than the official tones of the Liverpool band in Apple’s music store.

Despite the fact that it has rained a lot since its dissolution as a group, and that two of its members have died, the Beatles are still in fashion and continue to be an inexhaustible source of income .

The Beatles continue their good relationship with Apple
The Beatles continue their good relationship with Apple

On this occasion, and continuing its close relationship with Apple through iTunes , the first “official” tones have been launched today, available only in this way to users of Cupertino’s brand.

As of today, fans around the world can, for the first time, purchase the ringtones , 27 in total, although they will only be available initially in the UK and the USA.

The 30-second ringtones are priced at $1.29 each, and the list includes among others

  • Love Me Do.
  • From Me to You.
  • She Loves You.
  • I Want To Hold Your Hand.
  • Can ‘t Buy Me Love.
  • Eight Days a Week.
  • Help!
  • Yesterday.
  • Yellow Submarine.
  • Come TogetherLet It Be.
  • The Long and Winding Road.

The relationship between the former British band and Apple dates back to the dispute over the Apple brand, which the Beatles used for a long time in their business activities. As Apple moved into the music industry, the conflict grew, until an agreement was signed in 2007 that allowed the apple brand to obtain all rights to the name and to license it back to the Beatles for their specific uses.

Then came the historic deal that allowed Apple to sell its music in the store in late 2010, bringing incredible benefits to both parties . Another key moment was the release of an exclusive, free animated eBook of Yellow Submarine in the iBook Store last year.

We see a very fruitful relationship for both parties, which will continue to bear fruit in the future.

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