the battery of the iPhone XS and XS Max is even better than expected

Tests and reports issued by Consumer Reports, the U.S. consumer agency, are always taken very seriously in the country. So much so, that when they are negative about the iPhone, Apple starts working with them to solve it. But it seems that this time it won’t be necessary: Consumer Reports states that the batteries of the new iPhone XS and XS Max are even better than Apple itself says.

As reflected from AppleInsider, the iPhone XS was able to hold up 24.5 hours in Consumer Reports lab tests. For the iPhone XS Max, the figure increases slightly to 26 hours . Compared to last year’s iPhone X, it scored 19.5 hours on the same tests.

the battery of the iPhone XS and XS Max is even better than expected
the battery of the iPhone XS and XS Max is even better than expected

At AppleThe iPhone XS processor is more powerful than the iMac Pro (in single core tests)

That’s several hours more than Apple says, which only estimates half an hour more battery life for the iPhone XS than the X and an additional hour for the XS Max. This difference may be due to the differences between Cupertino’s tests (perhaps more demanding) than those of Consumer Reports, or perhaps Apple has wanted to be more prudent with its promises.

The complication with the Consumer Reports test is no joke. The agency uses a robotic finger to simulate the daily activity applied to an iPhone. The tests involve surfing the Internet, taking photographs, using GPS to navigate maps, and making several phone calls. And all that with the screen at the highest possible brightness , which makes the battery consume earlier.

At Apple there is no longer any doubt: the iPhone has become the main computer of many Apple users

Interestingly, there are tests that say just the opposite, stating that the battery of the iPhone XS reduces capacity compared to that of the iPhone X. In the end it will be the users themselves who will give their verdict with real-world use beyond the tests.

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