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The asymmetrical screw on iPhone 5 is nothing but a big lie

Every day a lot of rumors related to the Apple universe appear. Some of these rumors are confirmed, but many others do not become true and end up being forgotten. How many of these rumors that are not confirmed are real? How many are just lies?

Last week, a rumor surfaced that Apple might have created a unique screw with an asymmetrical head that would complicate the task of opening the next new iPhone 5 . The main reason: the lack of a suitable tool for this type of screw. Of course, there would always be someone who would get to work as soon as these screws appeared and create a tool, although it seems that, in the end ,it won’t be necessary since it was all about a bad joke or, rather, an experiment.

The asymmetrical screw on iPhone 5 is nothing but a big lie
The asymmetrical screw on iPhone 5 is nothing but a big lie

Lukasz Lindell from Day4 explains that he remembered that phrase from ” that’s right, I’ve seen it on TV “. In the past it was common to hear this phrase, especially when the only way to be informed was on television, on the radio and in the newspapers. Remembering this phrase gave people an idea of Day4 and they got down to business. They created a sketch of a screw with a 3D design program. The result was emailed to them. A photograph was taken from that email and the photo was uploaded anonymously to Reddit with the phrase ” this photo was taken by a friend some time ago in the company of “the fruit”, evidently they are creating their own screws “.

The hoax ran like wildfire over the Internet . Of course, some people have doubted the veracity of the rumour, although others have believed it completely ( especially those who hate Apple’s way of acting in this kind of aspects ).

There are also those who did not believe this rumor at any time. For example, Kyle Wiens from iFixit commented from the start that this design could not be realistic. It would be too complex a design to make it a reality . Also, it would be difficult to create a tool that could be used to exert the necessary force to remove a screw with such a complete design without breaking it.

This is not the first time that iFixit criticizes Apple’s actions in this kind of thing. When the company stopped using 6-point Torx screws and replaced them with 5-point ones, the guys at iFixit were already screaming.

We could consider this a great example of the fact that we should not believe everything we see on TV, radio, press and even on the Internet . There are many rumors circulating, some are real, but many others are not, and if we all accept them, they could cause problems for a company.

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