The arrival of the iPad reserved in Spain begins

Here’s the news many of you have been waiting for: The iPad that was booked the first few days at the Apple Store online, is now being delivered by the delivery guys to their buyers. Throughout the morning, some readers have already told us that they have it in their possession, as the photos sent to us by our reader Jaime testify.

Jaime also informs us that the sleeve he asked for is still missing. This is because iPads are sent independently of the stock they have of the rest of the accessories, so as not to delay delivery, so it is even possible for you to have two delivery orders: one for the iPad, and another for the accessories, completely independent. Even different delivery companies can bring it to you.

The arrival of the iPad reserved in Spain begins
The arrival of the iPad reserved in Spain begins

Another of our readers, Francisco Huertas, sends us a picture where you can see the Orange card he ordered with the iPad as well. I’ve prepared a gallery of images with the photos they’ve sent us, as these photos are from the first iPads officially distributed in Spain. As I write this, we keep receiving more notices from readers with their new iPads… The invasion has begun.

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