The Apple Watch will be released in the spring

Apple is already preparing its employees at retail for next year’s launches, and if Apple has a major launch during 2015, it is undoubtedly the Apple Watch .

For this reason, and according to what we are told in 9to5Mac, Angela Ahrendts herself (Senior Vice President Retail and on line ) has sent a message and a video to all her employees in which she anticipates the importance of the year that is about to begin, and in which she says things like this:

The Apple Watch will be released in the spring
The Apple Watch will be released in the spring

So, in the absence of the exact date, we already know for sure that the Apple Watch will be on sale in spring at the latest .

In addition to the launch date of the long awaited smartwatch , it is also worth noting the importance that the Chinese market is gaining at Apple, considering Ahrendts the Chinese New Year as one of the strongest sales periods of the year .

It seems that the rumors that placed Cupertino’s watch for Valentine’s Day have been ruled out. The Chinese New Year is on February 19, so it is a rather logical strategic decision to postpone the launch by one month (spring starts on March 20) and to concentrate all the efforts of the retail division on Asian shoppers.

So, if you thought you already had a Valentine’s Day gift for your partner, I’m sorry . You’ll have to squeeze your coconut again.

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