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The Apple Watch will be born with 100,000 applications

For many months we have been reading rumours about the Apple Watch: about its prices and configurations, its features, the launch date… Some of these data are still unknown to users, but we have managed to answer other questions. Today we have a new question: How many applications will the Apple Watch have when it is launched?

The latest rumor we’ve heard through Cult Of Mac suggests that it will have many. A lot, in fact. Trip Chowdhry, from Global Equities Research, predicts that the Apple Watch will be born with no less than 100,000 applications ready to be enjoyed by its new users. And a bonus: by the end of 2015, Apple will have sold 42 million Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch will be born with 100,000 applications
The Apple Watch will be born with 100,000 applications

Chowdhry’s bet is based on the six “hackatons” (or developer events) related to WatchKit that he has attended in recent months. No one who believes that the Apple Watch will be a success could doubt that it will be born with many applications, but 100,000 is an impressive number. To put it in context: it took the iOS App Store 16 months to reach that number of apps.

His prediction of 42 million smartwatches sold by December is more in line with other analysts’ predictions (between 30 and 60 million). It is only a fraction of the iPhones that Apple distributes, but it would be enough to make the Apple Watch the fastest selling device of Cupertino’s at its launch

The basis for the future success of the Apple Watch will be the large number of loyal users that Apple already has. Chowdhry believes that practically all iPhone users will end up buying an Apple Watch , which is perhaps an overly optimistic prediction. In any case, that would mean that Apple’s smartwatch has a potential market of 350 million users worldwide… and that’s something not many brands could boast about.

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