The Apple Watch Series 4 receives an award for the quality of its display

The Apple Watch, like all smart watches, must have an exquisite display whose balance can make up for the functions that can be lost when space is at a premium. It seems that Apple has fulfilled this, and not only for the satisfaction of the users but also for the entities specialized in displays. The Apple Watch recently won a ‘Displays of the Year’, a prestigious award that is given annually to the devices with the best screens. Here are all the details.

Recently, the so-called Display Week was held, an annual convention for experts in the display technology sector to present, exhibit and award the best screens. The Apple Watch has won one of these awards known as ‘Displays of the Year’ .

The Apple Watch Series 4 receives an award for the quality of its display
The Apple Watch Series 4 receives an award for the quality of its display

These industry awards recognize and highlight “the high quality innovative work being done in the display sector at all levels” . With regard to the Apple watch, it has been awarded in a category in which it is a question of decorating those who make “the most outstanding technological advances or characteristics”. Without a doubt, it is one of the most important categories.

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The specific model that has achieved this award is the Apple Watch Series 4 , which unlike its predecessors has a 30% more screen and has been able to maintain the same size of housing. Also the new technology LTPO of its OLED screen has been recognized. With these words the industry has wanted to highlight the latest wereable of the apple firm:

“While retaining the firm’s original design, the fourth generation of the Apple Watch has refined, combining new hardware and software enhancements in a unique and unified way.the striking display, which is more than 30 percent larger at 40 mm or 44 mm, depending on the model, integrates seamlessly into the box, while the new interface provides new information with more detail.the display is the defining feature of the Apple Watch, and the Series 4 pushes that feature further than ever before. The challenge for the designers was to make the display larger without significantly increasing the size of the case or compromising battery life. Narrower edges allow for a display area that is 30 percent larger, while a new display technology called LTPO improves energy efficiency, helping users get through the day on a single charge.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Apple has had the honor of having an award-winning device in these awards and that already in 2018 saw the iPhone X and the iPad Pro 2017 were raised with some “Displays of the Year”.

What do you think of the Apple Watch screen? Do you think it’s worthy of this award? Leave your impressions in the comment box.

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