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The Apple Watch Series 3 would have a 20% growth in 2018

One of the Apple Watch component suppliers has recorded a rather large increase in revenue in November, up to 20% in one year . This is a sign that sales of the Apple Watch Series 3 are on the rise, which means that this Apple smartwatch has been a boom in the world of technology, as people would be buying it at this time of year like never before. This same source has stated that the supply chain that has recorded this increase in profits plans to send between 23 and 35 million Apple Watch Series 3 next year, a record figure if any.

The Digitimes media has revealed this information. Specifically, they have reported the following:

The Apple Watch Series 3 would have a 20% growth in 2018
The Apple Watch Series 3 would have a 20% growth in 2018

The ASE group is responsible for packaging and testing radio frequency, Wi-Fi and MEMS chips for iPhone and Apple Watch devices, and is expected to end with record quarterly revenues in the fourth quarter of 2017, according to the same sources. The sources said that Apple Watch 3 is becoming increasingly popular in the consumer electronics market, along with its incorporation of exercise and health information carrying features, with its global shipments likely to reach a new record of 25 million units in 2018.

This data should always be collected with tweezers as it comes from the supply chain , because suppliers have limited information and it is not always official information available to Apple that are the actual shipments.

One thing is clear: this Apple Watch Series 3 should have been the first Watch to be launched because of the incredible features it has and the great speed it gives the user. We will have to see how it evolves and if in the end Apple itself gives us official information and not camouflage it with other users. It’s about time you were proud of this product.

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