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The Apple Watch is once again crucial in detecting undiagnosed atrial fibrillation

Lately, news related to the essential role of the Apple Watch in saving a human life has been pouring in, which we are glad about, because it means that by carrying this device on our wrist we have a much better chance of surviving an emergency situation.

This time we are talking about an Apple Watch user in England who would have received an alert when had a very high heart rate although the user himself was fine . But in view of this alert, he decided to see a doctor as reported by The Independent.

The Apple Watch is once again crucial in detecting undiagnosed atrial fibrillation
The Apple Watch is once again crucial in detecting undiagnosed atrial fibrillation

Kevin Pearson’s watch warned him while he was in a hospital accompanying his father to a specialist’s appointment that he had a suspiciously high heart rate: 161 beats per minute. Obviously even if we don’t know much about medicine, we are at an excessively high rate.

Although the user was feeling well, he decided to sit down as recommended by the smart watch and watched his heart rate vary between 79 and 135 bpm . Therefore, faced with this variance, he decided to go to a doctor to be treated, and they discovered that he was suffering from atrial fibrillation , a very serious heart condition with a high mortality rate if it is not diagnosed in time.

It can be said that thanks to this warning the user was able to consult a doctor quickly, as he was not showing any symptoms, and in a normal situation he would not have realised what was happening to his heart until it had been much more serious, and who knows if there would have been no turning back.

This is why he contacted Tim Cook to convey his thanks , which were very well received. Obviously the sensor of the Apple Watch is not perfect and offers us measurements that sometimes are not correct, but from Cupertino’s company they are trying to calibrate it and above all to give more information about its operation.

Without a doubt, the Apple Watch is a great device that can help us in key situations of our daily lives, and this is just the beginning, because as we have talked about in other articles, Apple is working to make us even an electrocardiogram with a special strap.

Personally, that has served me a lot in an emergency situation related to a heart condition, I must say that I hope it will continue to improve its software and hardware , and that undoubtedly in the future could be essential in our day to day Apple Watch.

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