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The Apple Watch is Now More Popular than the Original iPhone

These days the Apple Watch is the center of attention, largely because today the second phase of deployment in new countries, including Spain and Mexico, has taken place. Now, a new study published by research firm Morgan Stanley points out that the Apple Watch is more popular than the original iPhone was in its day .

The launch of the original iPhone in 2007 and the first generation of the Apple Watch have been like opposites. While the iPhone was available in Apple stores and authorized stores from the day of its launch , getting an Apple Watch on April 24th was practically impossible due to the high initial demand it had.

The Apple Watch is Now More Popular than the Original iPhone
The Apple Watch is Now More Popular than the Original iPhone

On the other hand, we should not forget that this expectation is also evident in Internet searches , and that users are looking for more information about the Watch through Google than other devices from the company such as the iPod.

The Apple Watch generates more interest among users than the original iPhone

According to Morgan Stanley researchers, this popularity is due to the fact that the demand for the Apple Watch is even greater than that of the original iPhone weeks after its launch in 2007. In a note sent to investors by this research firm, they point out that the interest generated by the Watch six weeks after its launch is almost 20% higher than that generated by the first generation of the iPhone at that time.

However, the initial demand for the Apple Watch was lower than for the iPhone. Other studies have concluded that even the iPod is more popular now than the Watch , but it will be a matter of time before the Watch manages to reach the throne as Apple’s most popular device, if the trajectory of the original iPhone serves as a clue.

The Apple Watch was launched at the end of April, but there are still numerous users who are eager to get hold of it , according to Morgan Stanley’s study. According to CultofMac, this could be related to the limited supplies available at the time of its launch, something that has even made the watch unavailable in the Apple stores until just a few days ago.

The Apple Watch, more popular among developers than the first iPhone

On the other hand, the Apple Watch has not only succeeded in overtaking the first iPhone in popularity among users , it has also made a deep impression on developers . Tim Cook himself referred to a series of figures that show how the watch is becoming a success among developers in an interview published this week.

Specifically, Tim Cook referred to the number of applications being developed for the Apple Watch compared to those developed for the original iPhone during its first year of release. Currently 3,500 applications have been created for the Watch, which is no more than 5 times more than those that were launched for the iPhon when it was also a new product on the market.

Did you expect the Apple Watch to be so successful?