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The Apple Watch is again key in an emergency situation

Very recently we told you how an Apple Watch Series 4 had helped a British man detect atrial fibrillation. This happened thanks to the ECG functionality of the Apple Watch, but this is not the only useful function of the Apple watches. The detection of falls present in the latest generation is also key in many situations as we see in the story of Dotty White, an 87 year old woman living in the United States who after an accident found her Apple Watch to be of vital help.

The Dotty News Center was reporting on the Dotty White case a few hours ago. This 87-year-old woman who was involved in a car accident in Kennebuk, a city in New York State, managed to make an emergency call thanks to her Apple Watch Series 4.

The Apple Watch is again key in an emergency situation
The Apple Watch is again key in an emergency situation

According to the details of the event, Dotty was on her way home after doing some shopping in a supermarket when, suddenly, she saw a car coming towards her causing a crash that knocked her to the ground. At that moment Dotty could not communicate with her iPhone and it was her Apple Watch that did it after detecting a fall .

“So they knew something had happened and they knew where,” Dotty said. The Apple Watch had communicated with her son by sending a text message . He later recounted how that message had been extremely helpful to him.

Unfortunately Dotty suffered some bruising and was left with several broken bones. However, she was extremely grateful to the Apple Watch for being instrumental in her situation: “It’s very good to have it on your wrist” , she said.

This is not the first time we have heard of a person who has found the Apple Watch fall detector to be key in such a situation. An accident is always tragic, but having such a device is certainly an advantage because of the help it can provide. That is why Apple continues to work on providing functions to its watch .

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