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The Apple Watch hides a trick that almost nobody talks about

The Apple Watch is a very different product compared to everything that Apple has launched before it . In addition to being its first smartwatch, it is also a luxury product that sells like a jewel in its Watch Edition. But Apple’s smartwatch is not as perfect as it should be and contains some flaws in its interface or design, which make the Watch a device perhaps less intuitive than other Apple devices.

One of the features that was announced with great fanfare before the launch of the clock is Force Touch. With this technology, which perhaps inherited from the iPhone 7, the watch controls and knows the pressure we put on the screen and applies different functions depending on the pressure exerted. This feature has not been noticed by Apple, as it is not indicated in the interface and many users are letting go of the Force Touch technology in the Watch, are not using it or do not know what their functions are.

The Apple Watch hides a trick that almost nobody talks about
The Apple Watch hides a trick that almost nobody talks about

Apple is pretty good at creating interfaces for its devices and the Apple Watch is pretty good too, but maybe it doesn’t make the watch easy to use or isn’t as intuitive as it is on other devices. The Watch’s settings are more complex and it is more difficult to get hold of the smartwatch’s controls or the learning curve is steeper than usual.

There is no indicator on the Apple Watch interface that lets you know where you can use Force Touch technology. This is a problem that will be difficult to solve and we don’t know if they will implement any improvements in this aspect with WatchOS 2. But it seems that Cupertino’s people don’t make an effort to highlight one of the Watch’s best features.

Zach Epstein highly values the Force Touch technology features and functions of the Apple Watch and does not approve of Apple not indicating its use in certain situations.

For many users who may find it very annoying to remove all notifications from the clock and have to do it one by one, this functionality would get them out of trouble, but they may not even know it exists and Apple is not doing its part to fix this problem. That’s why maybe Apple is not doing everything right as it should with its Watch , as we have known thanks to BGR and gestures like this one, that in the end become tricks, should be available to anyone.

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