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The Apple Watch Edition is not the most expensive smartwatch

It remains only one day for the Apple Watch and all the aspects that for now we do not know of it, to be presented in San Francisco, in the event that Apple has prepared and about which it is rumored that in addition to the Apple Watch, we will see from the hand of Tim Cook ‘some unexpected surprise and that could be related almost certainly with the new Macbook Air .

One of the most rumoured aspects of the Apple Watch, which is giving rise to bitter debates and discussions, is its price . Most information and alleged leaks point to the fact that Apple’s smart watch will be around $350 in its cheapest version , the sport one, to raise its price in the rest of versions and even more in the Edition, that although it was said that it could be around 1,200 dollars at the beginning, in the last days the figures that are handled are of 6,000 dollars minimum to 10,000 maximum .

The Apple Watch Edition is not the most expensive smartwatch
The Apple Watch Edition is not the most expensive smartwatch

10,000 dollars for a watch that we know will become obsolete, as is the case with most electronic devices, in a very short time, seems totally prohibitive , although being a luxury product, exclusive and that should not be owned by many people to remain so, it seems that this price would be consistent . Nevertheless, we have to say that the Apple Watch Edition is not the most expensive smart watch we know .

It is not the most expensive because there are already companies in the luxury watch sector that have manufactured intelligent watches as well as very exclusive ones . This is the case of Hoptroff and his watch Hoptroff No.8 , which will double the price of Apple’s watch in its gold version and reach 54,000 dollars in the platinum version.

Although Hoptroff No.8 will not include by far all the features of the Apple Watch, does allow us to synchronize it with our iPhone and receive information about appointments, meetings, personal data, etc. A much reduced functionality but compensated in some part by a very elegant design and closer to that of a classic luxury watch than a modern intelligent watch . Furthermore, each watch is exclusively designed and personalized for each customer .

In conclusion, it does not seem that luxury watch companies will stand idly by while the all-powerful Apple lands in its market niche. Brands such as Montblanc, TAG-Heuer and Swatch have already made their proposals and the rest of the brands are also preparing which will be the rivals of the Apple Watch Edition in the fight for the luxury market .

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