The Apple Watch could end up incorporating a camera according to this patent

Apple is researching methods of incorporating cameras into the Apple Watch as it has shown in a new patent filed with the US Patent Office that shows in some detail how several cameras would be incorporated into the strap of the Apple Watch and not into the body of the smart watch itself.

Why on the Apple Watch strap?

There could be many advantages to an Apple Watch with camera . Making a video call or taking a selfie at any time without having to take out your mobile phone would be just a few examples. The truth is that in practice it is difficult to add this technology to such a small device as a watch.

The Apple Watch could end up incorporating a camera according to this patent
The Apple Watch could end up incorporating a camera according to this patent

Apple Watch patent with camera on strap

According to Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 10,129,503, we found an “image capture clock” detailing a solution to the technical drawback of adding a camera to the Apple Watch. In the documents we can see how the cameras would be arranged in the upper part of the strap.

Another issue covered by Apple’s patent is the difficulty of the user in taking a photograph. After all, the watch is attached to the wrist and it can be difficult to focus and frame the camera to take a picture. What Apple offers is a system in which a wide-angle lens is attached to a sensor built into the watch strap . Several cameras would take image data simultaneously to create a continuous image with a larger field of view than would be found with a single lens.

The Apple Watch would focus straight ahead even if you found yourself looking down from above

In the patent, in addition to the photographic theme, much emphasis is also placed on video calls . An advanced facial recognition software would be integrated into the system and would make continuous adjustments on the fly, being able to recognize the face even in motion . Interestingly, this system would make the person using the video call visible from a frontal perspective even if they are looking at the device from above.

When will we see him?

The eternal question each time new patents come to light is the date when we will get to see it. The truth is that many of the patents that are registered do not get to market or take quite a few years since they are first registered.

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In this case, with respect to seeing an Apple Watch with a camera, it was already being rumored that it would be incorporated into the 2015 version of the watch. Therefore and in view of this new patent, we can almost confirm that enters the future plans of Apple as a future novelty in their intelligent watches. However, we cannot predict a date when we will be able to see it due to the complexity involved in its development.

Another image of the patented Apple Watch with camera on strap

These documents have now come to light but were first registered in September 2016 with Seung Wook Kim and A. McClain as inventors.

How about this patent? Would you like to see an Apple Watch with a built-in camera soon? Tell us your impressions in the comments.

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